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Learning how to articulate a question is an important life skill.
He is well-dressed, articulate and eager to escape.
We just happen to be really good and articulate with speech.
But she did, from time to time, articulate her sense of loss when her husband left for an evangelical crusade.
Such flaws do not undermine this poised and articulate collection, however.
Thus, they are rather more articulate in evaluations for all classes.
Writing in unison, the monks articulate the principles of their monasticism and spiritual practices.
I'm struggling to articulate my thoughts as well.
Brought up in a large, articulate family, she was nourished on argument.
Similarly, the sisters never manage to realize or even fully articulate their respective dreams.
The tour was fascinating and the people couldn't have been nicer or more articulate.
There was a lot of interest in how people would articulate this new literature that was emerging.
The president is more articulate than he is often held to be, but he is not an orator.
Eric is bright, articulate, and seems utterly at peace with himself and the world.
He's able to articulate what local weavers need and want and what travelers need and want.
Impact pads are in the right place and are not overly stiff so they articulate well.
It would take me a long time to articulate my thoughts into words.
He is articulate and handsome, while also coming across as a patrician and a bit of a snob.
But many of the student leaders appear articulate and reasonable.
But they may struggle to find an articulate and compelling plan for their future from either the ruling party or the opposition.
His biggest failure, however, is his inability to articulate a plausible alternative to the system he loathes.
The insiders who resist reform tend always to be more vocal and articulate than the outsiders who would benefit from it.
The theory is the easy part, once you dare to articulate it.
Instead of banning words, radio bosses would do better to hire more engaging and articulate presenters.
Even if there had been, there were few among the rioters who would have been in a position to articulate those grievances.
It does, however, fail to articulate an important point.
He is articulate and knowledgeable, if wooden, on the stump.
Other more articulate people than me have failed totally to bring reason to your attention.
But species that do not have this-and that's pretty much everybody else-can't really articulate.
However complicated to articulate and difficult to interpret, the patient's experience of pain is lived as a whole.
They have the ability to introspect, to articulate clearly.
Submissions of excessive length can and will be published, but concise, articulate thoughts are appreciated.
The essence of an artist is that he should be articulate.
We represent and imitate all articulate sounds and letters, and the voices and notes of beasts and birds.
The world being thus put under the mind for verb and noun, the poet is he who can articulate it.
But stress has done more than articulate or unify sequences that in their own right imply a syntactic relation.
We are interested in articulate, well-informed remarks that are relevant to the article.
Fearful that mustard would soon be declared a meat, she quickly learned to be over articulate about food.
The campus visit is your opportunity to articulate how well you fit the position and to explore how well it fits you.
He or she should be able to articulate and advocate for the role of student affairs in contributing to student success.
The cover letter is an opportunity to show how well one writes and how carefully and succinctly one can articulate one's ideas.
It is a bruising business, and only the highly articulate need apply.
Some presidents articulate well what they want to know.
Some articulate it as a spiritual bond, others say that animals have purer hearts or are easier to live with than humans.
Also, articulate your ideas clearly and write legibly.
It is up to you to articulate what aspects of your experience prepared you for the position at hand.
Articulate why you think you are worth what you require.
Posting here helps you articulate that philosophy and rehearse your responses and decisions.
The more chances you have to articulate your fit for a given position, the better.
Can't articulate reasons for studying literature or writing essays.
Meritocrats may not necessarily be able to articulate this morality, but they live by it nonetheless.
He's articulate, but he's not eloquent and he reminds you of the difference between the two.
We need to better measure and articulate the many ways our work benefits people.
The administration has yet to articulate its military aims and its criteria for success.
And finally, so many sensitive and articulate people recorded and distilled their experiences there.
She's articulate and courageous enough to do what she sets out to do.
It is mute, and the other competing claimants of value are loud and articulate.
When customers were surveyed, they themselves couldn't articulate why they didn't come back.
Now, there's definitely value in trying to articulate how the market you are playing in will develop.
He should articulate the relation between photons and light.
He's thought-provoking, articulate, a real advocate.
But others are blazingly articulate, their stories leaping from them in magnificent tirades.
The job of a greeting-card writer is to articulate emotions for people.
In a few minutes' time he was fully articulate and almost ready to stand.
He's articulate and knowledgeable-he's somewhat intelligent.
Bunraku puppets are highly articulate and exquisitely costumed, with lifelike movements and the ability to change expression.
She had learning problems, really dyslexic, but so articulate that teachers would think she wasn't trying.
And if you articulate the idea of the play, there will be emotion behind it.
And usually you only have two or three minutes to articulate whatever it is you have to say.
But an articulate and informative commentary accompanies them.
Until someone can properly articulate the alternative, it seems obvious that it exists because there is no alternative.
It is a great honour to know that you have written such an informative and articulate commentary about my research.
The result is superb: an up-to-date, articulate, and gorgeously illustrated introduction to modern evolutionary biology.
Forget notes and how you articulate them--think about space.
But the foreigners were educated and articulate people.
He has since become a less strident and far more articulate advocate for the cause.
Their parents, while articulate and concerned, lack formal education or economic resources.
Most people's opinions, so far as these are self-conscious and articulate, ignore impact in the same way.
The aim is to articulate what has been repressed, to fill in a blank in the narrative about ourselves.
Instead he relies on an acute sensitivity to sensory impressions and an extraordinary capacity to articulate them.
There is a fury in his words, a fury incommensurate with any cause that he can articulate.
They articulate no vision of a better bank, let alone of a different banking system in an alternative polity.
Bringing mental activity into the realm of language, making articulate the inarticulate, is part of the activity of introspection.
She was not only a skillful cook but an articulate, inspired teacher besides.
If a student cannot correctly demonstrate and articulate the tests, they will be asked to leave the program.

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