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Replies, in the shape of books and pamphlets and articles, continued for many months to be issued.
He never uses a long word when a short one will answer, and he never uses articles when they can be avoided.
They haven't published any articles in learned journals, and they don't claim to be in the forefront of hippo ethology.
Formal dress dictated that females wear such intimate, and often uncomfortable, articles of clothing.
There you will find peer reviewed scientific articles published about the studies people are doing.
His portfolio is quite diverse, including many different types of articles for various websites.
Her published articles can be found on various websites, covering golf, the outdoors and other topics.
True to form they are distilled from a number of articles and interviews over the last six years.
He draws on his construction experience to write instructional home and garden articles.
Few people outside the publishing industry are aware of the immense effort that goes into producing the articles and photographs.
Print subscribers are often-but not always-allowed to read articles free of charge.
They thought the articles too early and the book too close to the tenure vote.
Waters, a publisher of books, has ironically found himself a flag-waver in a movement to re-privilege articles.
Authors could opt to post drafts of their articles online, open them up for anyone to comment on, and then revise accordingly.
The process is not blind and the cover letters are seen by the editors who choose the articles.
Obviously both are oversimplifications, but read these articles and consider which is a grosser distortion of the truth.
The magazine has, of course, published many articles on these and other major topics not covered here.
We've all read articles about computers stealing jobs.
They wrote their books and their magazine articles separately, but they collaborated on their screenplays for movies.
Her specialty is living her life then writing books and articles about it.
Instead of killing articles he disagrees with, he tends to state his objections in letters to the editor.
The researchers tested their algorithms on three large archives containing thousands of journal articles.
My believe is the same as the articles, cost will dictate the winner.
Over the weekend, two amazingly bad articles were published about climate change.
The online encyclopedia is suddenly adding fewer articles and has fewer editors.

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