article of faith in a sentence

Example sentences for article of faith

If there is an article of faith in computer science, it's that everything can keep getting faster and faster.
For years, an article of faith in this country has been that college is the gateway to a better life.
The evolution of vision is nothing more than an article of faith.
It's an article of faith that the key to success in real estate is location, location, location.
Almost from the start progress equals integrity was an article of faith for the band.
But the thinness of the safety net also reflects a widespread article of faith, recited and reinforced over the years.
It's an article of faith that his former positions on social issues and his moderation are his problem with the base.
It has become a bipartisan article of faith that more handguns cause more violence.
Among the park exhibits is one that illustrates another creationist article of faith.
It is an article of faith that grid infrastructure is beginning to fail us.
The program embodies good casework practice, but the idea that it will prevent homelessness is an article of faith.
Segregation, an article of faith in traditional zoning, is giving way to a mix of waterfront uses in many local land use plans.
One way and another modernity is no longer an article of faith.
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