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His artful images relay the crucial connection between humanity and nature.
But there's a thrill in reading these stories-in the artful plots, the often baroque style, and the thick air of desperation.
Artful and fanciful children's books make frequent cameos around here.
Then came the hours practicing artful citrus peels, and the insouciance concerning drinks of raw egg whites.
Unsupported by concrete, the shrine's domes rest on the weight of their own artful construction.
It is an artful, wonderful, environmentally correct bottle.
Distill out useful or artful specialized vocabulary and structures.
But it's also a strenuously artful film with a macabre edge that may scare small children.
It is in the involved and artful structure of the scenic elements and in the demonstrations of personalities.
He even makes a cup of tea artful: he brews a sea-green flower, which opens up in hot water.
Even her way of changing attire and pausing between dances became irritatingly artful.
She doesn't traffic in the artful, the lyrical or the euphonious.
As with any craft, there were artful levels and shared standards of excellence.
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The painting is an artful contrivance to convey three aspects of his public image: soldier, emperor, and administrator.

Famous quotes containing the word artful

It is easier for an artful Man, who is not in Love, to persuade his Mistress he has a Passion for her, and ... more
Who often, but without success, have prayed For apt Alliteration's artful aid.... more
I think of horror films as art, as films of confrontation. Films that make you confront aspects of your own life that ar... more
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