arterial in a sentence

Example sentences for arterial

Yet after treatment with sulindac, their arterial walls were the same size as those of normal mice receiving the drug.
Arterial and venous duplex ultrasound of the abdomen examines blood vessels and blood flow in the abdominal area.
Intra-arterial chemotherapy delivers high-dose chemotherapy into arteries in the brain using tiny catheters.
Fleets of new buses zip along exclusive lanes carved out of arterial roads.
Much of it has gone on improvements to the state capital's metro and its main arterial roads.
They get built after the city government lays out a system of arterial roads.
Side roads leading to arterial roads are still nearly all blocked off.
Traces of the germ have also been found in arterial plaque.
When arterial flow stops, the intestine dies- and without an early operation, so will the patient.
And that's not free, but it doesn't cost the kind of money it costs to expand arterial streets and freeways and other things.
The street light repair crews are responsible for maintaining and repairing street lights on arterial and residential streets.
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