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He's turned matching plant to container into an art form.
And to capture that rare view for reproduction can also prove to be an art form in itself.
Slides changed photography from an intimate art form to an educational and lecturing tool.
Bearden became a master of collage, an art form as complex, fragmented and many-layered as his life.
Dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of dolls as an art form.
Still others, acquired more recently, represent photography as a technology or an art form.
Artists' journals can be an art form unto themselves, a taxonomy of days that attempt to capture the random rush of creativity.
Forcing children to be scarred then, as now, is grotesque and not an art form.
It would be great if people could view circles as an art form.
He sees it as a sea of colors, and thinks of bodies as an organic art form.
Leaves floating in the clear water were intriguing, each presenting its own art form.
Again, this trait has threatened the more philosophical lyricism of his music as an art form.
The first, mentioned above, is the universality of this art form among cultures.
Popping the perfect bowl of popcorn is an art form and when you get it right, nothing tastes better.
The way they drive is a good illustration of the result: anarchy, something between an art form and a blood sport.
What they don't see is a lot of people enjoying an art form, and turning the dullest stretch of their day into a treat.
They have made an art form of tailgating, honking and weaving across clogged interstate-highway lanes.
Here, he argues that the likely consequences will differ dramatically from art form to art form.
But my purpose is not to eliminate writing as an art form but to recapture it as a true art form.
She has turned shyness into an art form, wielding power from the shadows.
Photography, for them, was a mechanical process rather than an art form.
Its anime studios are underfunded and have meagre recognition abroad, even if the art form itself is increasingly popular.
It may help promote a soap, but it is hardly a new art form.
It's about this art form that's taken a drubbing in the last decade.
What the art form needs is a persuasive justification of the expenditure.
There is a mere flickering of recognition of tap dance as an art form.
Then there is the question of influence-poets who made crucial changes in their art form and affected those who followed them.
More than that, though, they are examples of letter-writing as a peculiar and essential art form.
The history of the art form depends on the critic's vigilance and his eloquence.
Jumping is their art form of skiing, as the langlauf is their endurance form.
It's on my upper right arm, but in a highly abstract art form.
Designing genomes will be a personal thing, a new art form as creative as painting or sculpture.
By reducing the expression of life to the barest of means, the art form increases its intensity.
Kahlo's insight was to see that she could take this folk art form in any direction.
The way an art form is distributed often changes both the art form and our perception of it.
Though typecast as too high-minded for an art form that puts a premium on swagger, there's nothing soft about these rhymes.
Music is an art form that can be instrumental, vocal or a combination of the two.
And jazz is by nature an intimate art form, best heard and appreciated up close.
The art form evolved as a perfect way to communicate almost any opinion or emotion in a trenchant, poignant or humorous way.
To many jazz listeners--including this one--the big band remains the ultimate expression of the art form.
Adults communicate basic desires, and some make communication itself an art form.
Participants will gain increased knowledge and skills in the art form.
Transform your photo into a whole new art form by changing the colors, adding special effects, or constructing composite collages.
Since its inception, photography's validity as an art form has been questioned.
The program exposes students, working in small groups, to a wide variety of experiences in and across an art form.
Students will understand that existing and emerging technologies can extend the reach of the art form to new audiences.
Learn to create paintings that capture the essence of this softly colored art form.
They will begin with the history of the art form and its evolution.
Artists that teach within their particular art form, offering age appropriate instruction in the arts.

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