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Daydreaming can help solve problems, trigger creativity, and inspire great works of art and science.
Artists' journals can be an art form unto themselves, a taxonomy of days that attempt to capture the random rush of creativity.
Collectors are discovering video art.
AP studio-art classes include drawing, two- and three-dimensional art, and design.
That helps explain why more art museums are developing programs for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and memory loss.
Once they reach a certain level of affluence, they also start to buy art.
During this mid-winter season, one filled with lots of snow and ice, I'm contemplating the art of hibernation.
Some art historians may have considered the matter closed.
When she began, she had no interest in taking art classes or trying to learn the proper techniques.
If you've spent time in an art museum, you probably learned to appreciate the styles of different artists.
Historically, an art school was a place to study with a noted master.
Calendar images become wall art.
For about as long as humans have created works of art, they've also left behind handprints.
Cruise by for surf photography, sculpture, and contemporary surf art.
Nearly all have small bases that make you start asking questions about balance-first in the piece, then in art, then in life.
Think happening restaurants, a new contemporary art museum, and an architecturally forward-thinking bridge.
Consider how mystifying a walk through an art museum can be.
The intersection of science and art is bustling with activity.
And to capture that rare view for reproduction can also prove to be an art form in itself.
Art is clearly an expression of our aesthetic response to beauty.
And as neglect of this art is the prime cause of such calamities, so to be a proficient in it is the surest way to acquire power.
In light of the history of modern art, his confidence was justified.
She was so good at it that her art almost got lost along the way.
Rather, they insist-as they do for all of the lab's productions-that the cellphone application is art.
Art-history scholars face narrowing publishing venues and rising permissions costs.
It helps a lot if you happen to have degrees in both art and biology, along with experience in manufacturing.
In fact, rather than wholly dismiss dinosaur art, many scientists use its popularity to their advantage.
Rock art in some regions of the desert indicate aquatic life, and species more characteristic of the savanna.
Searches for prior art must be as exhaustive as possible.
During that time it developed a complex written language as well as impressive architecture and art.
Perhaps our belief that art should last forever is too contemporary.
Software developers have become adept at the difficult art of building reasonably reliable systems out of unreliable parts.
The technology of lenses has made art richer and more meaningful for hundreds of years.
Archaeologists have a few relics that have spanned this period, mostly stone tools and works of art.
Rising evil is concomitant with the destruction of art.
Art collectors often use the language of addiction when they talk about what they do.
File this art project under things that are creepy but interesting.
Unfortunately, other artists refused to hand in their brushes, so art continued.
Whenever the leaders of the art world stage a major event, vastly rich people are never far from the scene.
Designers' art-whatever it is-has to be applied art, because nobody's wearing it otherwise.
Flirtation has become a lost art, swept aside by the giddy pace of modern life.
He went on to establish a legacy as a great art collector and philanthropist that endures even to this day.
Relying on seductive art to draw in your audience is akin to a comedian swearing.
Art is usually considered a uniquely human ability, but that may not be true.
Art investment funds represent something of a revolution in the relationship between art and commerce.
Art, swimming, and ornithology were his primary interests at the tough local comprehensive school.
Art itself could be the crime-could be scary and dangerous enough to shoulder my rebellion.
Explore listings of art fairs and your contemporaries statewide.
Art directors formulate design concepts and presentation approaches for visual communications.
Public art creates jobs and enhances community spaces.
Whether publicly funded or privately obtained public art can be as controversial as it is indefinable.
She was particularly adroit at the art of damning with faint praise.
Inside are six spacious, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen facilities lined up side by side.

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