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Example sentences for arsonist

And then he decimated them, wiping out the databases with the ease of an arsonist flicking a match.
Don't make it easy for an arsonist to start a fire or facilitate a fire's spread to adjacent buildings.
Further, a fire investigator testified that arson caused the fire and that the arsonist used a flammable liquid accelerant.
It matters little whether the property set ablaze belongs to the arsonist or another.
In some cases, the arsonist is someone known to staff.
The cowardly act of an arsonist places heroic firefighters and first responders at risk of losing their lives.
Shortly after it was empty, an arsonist set the structure afire in the early morning hours and it was completely incinerated.
Don't make it easy for an arsonist to start a fire or easy for an outdoor fire to spread to a building.

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