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It is not known yet whether the fire was caused by arson or was an accident.
Before the poll, opponents of the referendum had threatened to disrupt the voting through intimidation and arson.
Details remain sketchy at this time, although there have been unconfirmed reports of arson or a possible electrical malfunction.
If the prevention of arson is difficult, the arson conviction rate is almost nil.
They have called a no-confidence debate in parliament, while staying silent on the red-shirt violence and arson.
My favorite story concerns systematic arson as part of a real estate scam.
Two other people have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson as part of an agreement with prosecutors.
Cooking, smoking, appliances and arson top the list of causes.
Property crimes include theft, auto theft and arson.
The fire department suspected arson and when the family was asked by investigators if anyone would want to harm the family.
When the firefighters' tasks end, that of the arson investigator begins.
Arson fires account for a large percentage of all fires.
Because arson fires can be somewhat difficult to determine or detect, the actual number of arson fires tend to be underreported.

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