arrogantly in a sentence

Example sentences for arrogantly

Flustered, he stands up on pointed toes, raises his chin and arrogantly flourishes his hand in the air.
Speak clearly and confidently but not stridently or arrogantly.
Any lingering questions were answered when he arrogantly claimed that he was being martyred.
It is payback time for an industry which arrogantly failed to build up political support when times were good.
It has behaved arrogantly towards regulators and consumers.
Tibetans don't feel represented by this government they perceive as foreign and arrogantly condescending.
Also, a veil of arrogantly absurd and unnecessarily abrasive political communication is woven around their actions, a big mistake.
The homicide itself is slipshod, sober and rather arrogantly routine in arrangement.
He arrogantly calls himself a writer and considers himself among the intellectual elite.
He arrogantly trashes her work, but she sees something good about him and goes out with him.
Clay arrogantly responded that this would not be acceptable.
Then after being told to stop, he arrogantly continued to build the garage.
Grievant said that the inmate had a history of misbehavior and was arrogantly disregarding the policy.
These ere they who ring door bells and, sometimes arrogantly, demand food.
Yet, they stubbornly and arrogantly refused to consider alternatives.
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