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Example sentences for arrogant

It is very arrogant to think that humans can alter the course of nature.
He seemed petulant and cocky and arrogant.
Characterized by an authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles.
In the public mind an arrogant profession has been humbled.
He moves like an arrogant movie star.
He was a very arrogant young man, so full of himself.
This is a clear and arrogant violation of our Constitution.
What is left is a caricature of radical students—arrogant, hedonistic and nihilistic, prone to romanticizing violence.
She became “arrogant and obnoxious,” he claimed, and they divorced in 2006.
It is arrogant and wrongheaded for a thick half-bagel to masquerade as a thin slice of bread.
Jaeger's head is aslant and his eyes jut forward in a pose both arrogant and dissolute.
He was convinced that he was on the side of destiny-or, in more arrogant moments, sure that destiny was on his side.
The problems stemmed from the blunt, sometimes arrogant manner for which he had been known throughout his career.
She was intellectually arrogant, perhaps, and as a manager she failed abysmally.
If they tell us they expect to be running the place by then, we're going to think them arrogant or worse.
We had a candidate who seriously angered our students with dismissive, arrogant answers.
Try to not even think it, so that you don't come across as arrogant or condescending.
The players were arrogant, unfocused and prepared in the manner of rock stars approaching a stadium gig.
Perhaps it's more arrogant to deny one's vanity than to embrace it.
For one, data show that eminent scientists tend to be more arrogant and confident than other scientists.
They repeatedly say that it's arrogant to think that mankind can change the climate.
It is incredible how hostile and arrogant people who are supposedly intelligent enough to care about science really are.
We would be arrogant and foolish to think that can never happen.
Whether or not she is arrogant is completely beside the point.
Wow,it never ceases to amaze me how arrogant our species can be in its quest to master the natural processes that occur in nature.
Their disparaging and arrogant tone is not helping their cause either.
Thus, for you to imagine immortality for yourself is beyond arrogant.
Glad to see some of that charming arrogant humor back on this blog.
Hopefully this arrogant egomaniac will soon be impeached.
Of course its arrogant to believe that everyone really wants to live in the western civilization.
Both arrogant, undisciplined teams with arrogant coaches.
Sorry, but found this extremely arrogant and offensive.
And the reverse, if one is arrogant, one is simply showing one's lack of confidence.
What credentials can you present to demonstrate that you have a right to be as intellectually arrogant as you are.
These doctors may be arrogant or rude, highhanded or dismissive.
She merely seems arrogant, patronizing and unbearably smug.
It doesn't have to be on the edge of being arrogant.
But he can also be scatterbrained, antisocial and arrogant.
The movie executives seen here are infantile, self-involved and arrogant.
They leave a troubling impression of an arrogant government, out of touch with its deputies and contemptuous of the popular mood.
They became arrogant and always tried to grow bigger and bigger.
The interview is a bit arrogant and abrasive, but other than that he is right.
Fresh ideas can be brought in and politicians thrown out before they grow too arrogant.
Its arrogant of the writer to insult readers with such phrasing.
Sorry, sounded much more arrogant than was meant to be.
By all accounts he was arrogant and made some appalling mistakes.
But please don't drag us down with your arrogant world view.
Poor people tend not to be arrogant trolls, for one.
We are not and cannot ever be complacent or arrogant about our knowledge, preparation, or capabilities.
We have had enough of both major parties being arrogant and unresponsive to the people they were elected to serve.
The surveys indicate that the judge's demeanor is sometimes impatient, testy, rude and arrogant.
No specific evidence to support that the employee was rude, arrogant or intimidating was ever uncovered.
Perhaps some were arrogant enough to believe they had succeeded.
It is arrogant of older people to press their understanding of morality on the younger generation.
He was brilliant, arrogant but completely opportunistic.

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