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Avoid taking even a short nap when you arrive at your destination.
Research your destination before you go and arrive with a good map and a list of the areas you want to visit.
When you ask your nav for directions, it could ask you when you absolutely must arrive at your destination.
Many of the rest arrive either as students or under provisions that enable family reunions.
As such, when white storks arrive they are met with open arms and are cause for celebration.
The federally funded agency predicts where tropical cyclones will go and how strong they will be when they arrive.
If you want to watch the ice palace go up, or even lend a hand, plan to arrive a few weeks early.
These gourmet doughnuts can be prepared ahead, requiring only a quick baking once your guests arrive.
Research teams also demonstrated robots that can help keep victims alive until human rescuers arrive.
But invoices, bills and statements continued to arrive on paper.
The park is designed as a pedestrian space and the best ways to arrive are by rail or by boat.
Appliances and computers arrive as after-the-fact intrusions.
Many varieties are obtainable, and new ones arrive on the market every year add to my plant list.
They arrive by the dozens, their contents swelling the color-coded files in my office.
Other candidates arrive with much less fuss, undeterred by previous unsuccessful campaigns.
Before students arrive for school, hide the flowers around the room.
But as the visitors arrive at the ancient wonder, they encounter a modern controversy.
Customers arrive at for-profit colleges by the million.
As a result, signals arrive at an antenna along many paths and at different times.
When they arrive and find it's hidden away, they complain and write nasty letters.
It crunches this information to arrive at a recommendation.
Today, new employees arrive on their first day with an alarming amount of know-it-all.
Put each set of predictions in an envelope to be saved and opened when those celebrations arrive.
The team used a combination of physical and optical mapping to arrive at the findings.
So it would be a boon indeed if you could arrive somewhere before setting out.
Then, when you arrive at the store, mentally retrace your imagined steps to retrieve all the items on your list.
College officials know that not every admitted applicant who sent a deposit will arrive on their campuses this fall.
But ways to correct the genetic mistakes that cause many human diseases have been slower to arrive.
It may arrive in months or not for years--but the next pandemic is inevitable.
The company also announces that full-color instant film will arrive later this year.
But when it comes to low inflation, it may be better to travel hopefully than to arrive.
The modular structures arrive in a four-foot-by-eight-foot package and pop up in a day.
Which means that there is a huge opportunity for somebody to arrive late and steal the show.
Many community-college students arrive on campus already juggling work and family.
As in grade school, this is important, so arrive a couple of minutes early for the best selection.
It will take a couple of decades to arrive at a point when bridge operators can use such data intelligently, he predicts.
Once delivery begins on a regular basis, monthly issues should arrive in a routine manner.
They go about their researches hoping to arrive at knowledge of what is the case in the world.
At some water holes, the nomads water their livestock during the day and the elephants arrive at night to drink.
For this group of latecomers, the closer their office is to the room, the later they arrive at the meeting.
Most insects, however, fall into a sort of deep sleep and wait for warmer weather to arrive.
Greet everyone when you arrive in the office, and thank everyone when you leave.
Eventually, vehicles might book themselves in for repair and order the necessary spare parts before they arrive at the garage.
Arrive early to scout out your location and choose your vantage point.
It might not be bad to cast the net widely and see from where help might arrive.
It will take a couple of decades to arrive at a point when bridge operators can use it intelligently, he predicts.
The drained ponds fill back up when the monsoon rains arrive.
Factory workers arrive early and stay late, without pay.
Leopard seals are waiting for them in the water when they arrive.
The baggage system tells me exactly how long my bags will take to arrive.
Winter may arrive early, too--as shown in the photo at right.
Probably could last forever, but sooner or later spring flowers arrive to take their place on the table.
The species themselves may change as some become extinct and new ones arrive, but there is for every island an equilibrium.
Three more great whites arrive, attracted by the chum.
That's actually a more scientific approach than trying to arrive at the answer through reasoning alone.
But while visitors to the two museums may arrive together, the museums themselves came here by divergent paths.
Spring was the time for lobed comb jellies and crystal jellies to arrive.
We arrive in a windowless white room at the far end of the building filled with several large stainless-steel machines, prep.
With regard to the origin and antiquity of the poem it is impossible to arrive at any definite conclusions with certainty.
In the case of sing praise different individuals are likely to arrive at different provisional results.
Students increasingly arrive in college with high grade expectations, weak academic backgrounds, and poor study skills.
She wondered what would be a good time to arrive at my office.
The standard comments in the comments box arrive in their email, which matches their workflow.
When the flowers arrive home, half an inch to an inch of the stem should be cut off.
It is this difference in roughness that helps to water drops to slide towards the spindle-knots, sticking when they arrive.
First, it's human to underestimate the time it takes for fanciful technologies to arrive.
Photons travel the speed of light, and arrive hours or days ahead of the other particles.
Soon, other parasitized wasps arrive, and the parasites begin to mate.
It takes some mental effort to arrive at this understanding.
He can arrive early and stay late to meet the people behind the scenes.
Most of the major automakers are racing to develop electric vehicles, and the first of them are slated to arrive next year.
You're part of the first generation of reporters to arrive in the era of citizen journalism.
But a bad mood often seems to arrive out of the blue, a gloomy weather pattern that settles in from everywhere all at once.
As a rough guide, you can half his guesses to arrive at an accurate figure.
Members of the crowd ought to have a variety of opinions, and to arrive at those opinions independently.
The screens in transfer stations also tell you when connecting trains arrive so you can pick up the pace if necessary.
As promising and beneficial as a wholesale app store sounds, it would be naive to expect it to arrive anytime soon.
It begins with axioms, or accepted truths, and employs a series of logical statements to arrive at a conclusion.
Minutes before guests arrive, she saut├ęs pine nuts in oil to release a heavenly aroma and the illusion of home cooking.
Cars are great for getting people to buildings, but a nuisance once you arrive.
Biscuits arrive with a luxurious golden crust on the outside and a gooey, doughy center.
The tears you shed arrive once you realize and accept all the self-exposure going on here makes you feel vulnerable, too.
Federal agents and the army have poured in during the same twenty-seven-month period, and as they arrive the killings rise.
It's distressing enough when they arrive at discordant answers.
Be sure to arrive at your parents' condominium community well rested.
If it is being mailed to you, be aware of when it should arrive.
There is a strict uniform code, and pupils must remove hooded tops and caps as they arrive.
Yet although no one wants to arrive too late, no one wants to be too early, either.
Efficiency savings are the one element of the last round of consolidation that did arrive as promised.
However, it is better not to arrive at the point where they are necessary.
Properly trained troops took over nine hours to arrive at the scene.
One way to arrive at a useful definition is to rule out what innovation is not.
It had argued that the big firms might arrive at an implicit understanding to restrict industry supply.
Often, the practical applications of science are serendipitous-and may take a long time to arrive.
Cost is the biggest problem with the wave of battery-powered vehicles that started to arrive on the market last month.
When warmer spring temperatures arrive, hibernating animals wake up and go out in search of food to fill their empty stomachs.
Sophisticated stone blades arrive first, along with rudimentary stone architecture.
Tectonic tsunamis usually take minutes to hours to arrive on shore, giving people trained in spotting the danger time to escape.
They can often access meals that other vultures cannot, and smaller birds usually give way when they arrive to feed.
Pickup is usually available the next day, unless you arrive early.
They may be a bit nervous when they arrive, but quickly become curious about everything and ask lots of questions.
Pickup is usually next day, unless you arrive early.
Ferries are packed in summer, so arrive early and stay patient, especially on the eastbound ride back to reality.
Students from well-off communities generally arrive at college already trained to masquerade as calm.
Electricity bills are confusing, and don't arrive until long after the damage is done.
Shuttles arrive on time or they don't arrive at all.
Anyone trying to arrive at a historical ranking must wrestle with certain questions.
We'll keep that topic open through next week, since others are waiting for their copy to arrive.
The children arrive relatively on time and mostly having breakfasted.
It took the local police four days to arrive at the truth.
Some technological revolutions arrive as revelation.
They might not wait for all the signals from the retina to arrive before they begin building a representation of the world.
They may build up a lot of strength before they arrive.
Should a little ice age arrive, its impact will be told in human suffering, not scientific terminology.
But there is adaptation of the data set to arrive at the presumed pattern.
The reader simply has the capability to arrive at the meaning being conveyed, even though he may be virulently opposed to it.
He gets confused in trying to arrive at a physical explanation for each of the mathematical tricks he has been taught.
When they eventually compared answers, they could discuss their disagreement to arrive at a joint decision.
How long it might take for that evidence to arrive is anyone's guess.
S waves move perpendicular to the direction of motion and arrive a bit later.
It's obviously too close to feel safe and the blast could arrive at any time or never.
Observers within each frame will, however, arrive at the same speed for light when measured locally.
But going upward and leftward you will arrive at a point where the curve trends sharply upward and to the right.
We need for science to arrive at that using undeniable facts as evidence not useless conjecture.
They think that all they have to do is reduce the scale and they will arrive at the proper answer.
Eschatological verification occurs when you arrive in the afterlife and verify the hypotheses with which you traveled there.
By rearranging the evidence, it is possible to arrive at a different picture, one that emphasizes continuity instead of change.
They can be guides to the right questions to be raised among peers and to the deficiency of answers they arrive at.
The first thing you see when you arrive is the airport, with its echoing marble halls.
First of all, it took three years for surgical equipment to arrive after it was ordered.
Today the backup that may or may not have saved him is far less likely to arrive.
The gentleman, who has his own key to the shelter, was able to arrive on his own to the wheelchair accessible shelter.
They try to pay the bills when they arrive, and they spend when they think they should make a purchase.
Some movies arrive pre-stamped with a consensus opinion.
Still, survivors had to wait for days for rescue teams to arrive.
All around you, as co-workers arrive at their cubicles, they too flick on their computers and trade.
Of course, withdrawals commonly arrive on the heels of defeat.
The last one to leave the court, the first to arrive.
People arrive at a distribution site not knowing what they'll get.

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