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Behind the picturesque and captivating rendezvous lurks a powerful dramatic situation and a moral problem of arresting gravity.
It offered the only chance for arresting the panic, and it did arrest the panic.
They said they were arresting her on suspicion of a traffic offense, and then took her to her parents' home, which they searched.
Other reports stated that the police used rubber bullets and tear gas while arresting demonstrators.
And much of it, while produced for commercial purposes, was aesthetically arresting.
The portraits, all told, have an arresting intimacy.
Even more remarkably, for two decades they were unaware this arresting glimpse into their lives even existed.
Yet it's easy to find actual descriptions of these changes arresting and almost alarming.
The question, which is a legitimate one, is arresting.
We could do little more than start fluids and administer a blast of antibiotics in hopes of arresting any infection.
The current regime here is dealing with them in an inhuman way, arresting and torturing them.
The results are eclectic, visually arresting, and not to everyone's taste.
About halfway up, he lost his footing and began to tumble down the long grade, arresting himself only by chance.
Rebeck gives her characters arresting behavior without exploring it.
Tony replied, seeming confident that she would be as delighted by this arresting fact as he was.
That's not a bad model, especially when the movement is so inventive and arresting.
The photograph on the jacket of the book is especially arresting and expressive of the dilemmas inherent in interpreting images.
But mainly it reviews her video work, with many arresting stills.
Much in this arresting novel is unusual in its locale, its people, and their behavior.
The details are often arresting, but offer no clue about the performer, only about the part he plays.
From the beginning he kept himself in the public eye with arresting stunts and lavish gestures.
There have been some stories in the news recently about cities that have taken to arresting people for traffic citations.
The godless creations of science and technology are in fact powerful and arresting images of modern culture.
Individually they are arresting, and collectively they give a vivid sense of the chaotic wild extremes of the country.
The apps we're creating focus on core interactive experiences that are also visually arresting, simply implemented.
That's how long a shop owner has to grab a consumer's attention with an arresting window display.
The r sum s of the successful have an arresting pattern.
Spraying crops, seizing shipments and arresting dealers can drive up prices and create temporary shortages.
The police cracked down, shooting some demonstrators and arresting scores of dissidents and reformers.
The regime has also been making its preparations in the run-up to the anniversary, by executing and arresting dissidents.
However, his central premise is an arresting and disturbing one.
Some favour arresting regional leaders, or deploying the army to prevent the referendum.
More surprisingly, there are some arresting differences between the rankings in the various categories.
However, from the scenic and ethnographic standpoints the film is often quite arresting.
In some instances, however, the arresting officer may be subpoenaed to appear.
After reviewing the record the individual may supply supplemental information from the arresting agency or court.
The undersigned arresting officer is the complainant in this case.
To establish the responsibility of the prosecutor, arresting officer and defense counsel at or prior to the pre-trial conference.
Starting next year, the university will punish under-21 imbibers by arresting them and sending them to jail.

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