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Notice the one of the main way for them to arrest small time drug users is threw a traffic stop.
Another died shortly after exposure, likely due to cardiac arrest.
You're unconscious, suffering from cardiac arrest on the floor of a shopping mall.
After she had a medical operation this month, she was granted house arrest.
Notice that this idea is not limiting involvement of the authorities to exercise of police power to arrest and imprison.
Another objective measure is arrest records and incarceration records.
Police say they killed only a few dealers who resisted arrest.
If you guys want to see the body, get law enforcement to arrest them and take possession of it.
They won't arrest you for possessing marijuana or ganja or something else, but you're still not allowed to have it.
But changes at ground level-the soldiers'-eye views-may be harder to arrest.
Having been denied it, killing three people and then meekly submitting to arrest was a suitable alternative.
Break out the briefcase-size device, in any remote village, and get in a few calls home before they arrest you as a covert agent.
He saved his own life, but he was convicted of heresy, and condemned to spend the rest of his life under house arrest.
For the first five months after abdicating, the family lived under house arrest in their palace.
It offered the only chance for arresting the panic, and it did arrest the panic.
When the officer told him to consider himself under arrest, he responded by offering to fight him for a trifling consideration.
You're not under arrest, despite the fact that you probably have some drugs in your pocket.
Had the police officers picked up a protester to make an arrest, that would have been completely reasonable.
Upstanding citizens who complained about looting, he added, could face arrest or worse.
She raised the specter of towing, fines, and arrest before disappearing down the street.
You've been directed to shoot anyone who poses a threat-no arrest or trial necessary.
Her family members were told she would be released quickly if they did not make her arrest public.
Authorities issued an arrest warrant today after he failed to show up for an extradition hearing and was now a fugitive.
One student's absence involved nudity, an arrest, a tour of prospective students and a muddy bank along a body of water.
The twin moments haunting the close to the season come shortly after the arrest in the final five minutes of the episode.
We pump a blast of air into the dry suits and arrest our descent, hovering with our fin tips five feet from the bottom.
It's impossible to beat and arrest hundreds of thousands, millions.
He died, the authorities claimed, after resisting arrest and trying to swallow a bag of marijuana.
When the collection agency leaned of his arrest, they fired him.
Normally, patrons who weren't quick enough to escape unnoticed would submit meekly to arrest or humiliation.
He escaped arrest for the first of these crimes and spent two years in prison for the second.
Tells about his early drugs-and-gambling arrest record.
If he killed someone a policeman could not arrest him.
At one checkpoint, the secret police tried to arrest my local interpreter.
But once the pirates have boarded a vessel it's too late to try to arrest them, because of the risks.

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