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Investigators will install a data collection system in participants' cars that measures an array of driver activity.
The array of stock rating tools can be overwhelming as investors try to get a handle on how to invest their money.
The show will feature an array of impressive guests and exhibitors.
Among the array sold at nurseries and garden centers, the following kinds germinate readily.
As a result, this mountain chain holds a dazzling array of rare plants and animals.
Mustaches, like snowflakes, come in an endless array of shapes and sizes.
Over the last decade, the umbrella of student affairs widened to cover a vast array of programs and services.
Basil has a bright, complex, and slightly anise flavor that enhances a wide array of summer fruits and vegetables.
Beneath the hype, predictions and paranoia of electronic publishing lie millions of dollars and an endless array of visions.
What an amazing array of colors, shapes, sizes.
The chamber folks are invaluable at helping with reservations and sorting through an array of options.
Containers come in a dazzling array of shapes, colors, and materials.
See the home of a luxuriant array of mosses and lichens.
Powered by an array of photovoltaic panels, the retreat is totally energy independent.
Flavorful ginger, garlic and a medley of spices produce a robust heat, while also providing an array of health benefits.
Around the corner sits the dispensary where she first encountered an array of lethal poisons, including arsenic and strychnine.
It is durable, comfortable to walk on and comes in a mind-blowing array of colors and patterns.
It featured an array of dinosaurs and included a colored key explaining whether they were herbivores or carnivores.
Clusters of copper atoms were attached to each cell in the array, and data was stored by attaching electrons to the clusters.
It's also a fantastically efficient way to find out what's occurring at this historical moment, from an array of perspectives.
We could expand the array of meats consumed to include common pets.
The antiviral era is upon us, with an array of virus-fighting drugs on the market and in development.
Once their permanent array picks up the first signs of the tremors, they will head out to augment the network above the swarm.
One of the earliest experiments showed that a regular array of atoms could diffract an electron beam.
The receiver in turn conveys the signals through a tiny cable to an electrode array placed on the retina.
Its main emphasis is on physics, yet it also includes forums on a wide array of other topics in science and mathematics.
The array of alternatives for overseas pursuits places varying degrees of demands on family members.
Faculty conducts a broad array of research, affording students many opportunities to take part.
He participated fully and joyfully in an astounding array of the functions of the modern research university.
The program attracted a diverse array of students, many from remote and poverty-stricken areas.
The program's offerings have evolved to better serve an array of older students.
But there, especially, you must write so that readers in a broad array of disciplines will be interested.
But the fast-increasing array of virtual programs poses a challenge.
Yet anyone who's shopped for a whisk recently knows that they come in an overwhelming array of designs these days.
Individuals can now pop their money into a vast array of savings vehicles.
The world has since invented a vast array of financial and economic statistics and the processing power to crunch them.
Such sources can then be built into an array, each element of which is programmed to fire whenever required.
Technicians set up the micro-array in the same way they might set up a normal microphone.
Its suburbs support a rich array of high-tech and bioscience enterprises, many of which held up well during the downturn.
By offering the full array of oil-field services, the big four have an advantage over smaller rivals.
In part, this emerging array of devices reflects changes in society.
Faced with such scrutiny, firms have made an array of promises.
In theory, there is a wide array of options, from extending maturities to imposing steep write-downs on the value of the debt.
Many depend on co-operation with a wide array of increasingly unhappy locals.
They might be continued indefinitely until the array would be enough to startle any community.
Upon inspection, the drawer exhibited a great array of the shells of various sorts of nuts.
The book and show both make you the test subject in an array of astonishing challenges and experiments.
These diverse ecosystems support a surprising array of bird life.
With a remarkable array of communication skills, weaver ants may have perfected social networking.
Typical seabed oil exploration involves towing an array of giant air guns behind a research vessel.
On top of every single building for blocks around a similar solar array sprouted.
Nocturnal creatures, wind scorpions sense their prey using a wide array of chemical and mechanical cues.
The diverse and deadly array of venomous snakes living today all arose from a single fanged ancestor, a new study suggests.
The bats' echolocation calls were recorded with a sophisticated microphone array.
Salmon face a daunting array of obstacles on the river.
The tangle of brush and trees forms a close-packed array of air breathing leaves.
The island's undersea world reveals an array of marine life that includes everything from manta rays to green sea turtles.
These family getaways vary in price and amenities, catering to individuals with an array of different tastes.
Plus, there are a variety of restaurants serving an array of cuisines to suit locals and visitors alike.
In the spirit of the season, your unstinting puzzle makers have put together an array of gifts.
They foresee that this approach can be used to detect heavy metal pollutants and disease-causing organisms in a low cost array.
Ours is a country with a dizzying array of policy issues at stake.
Outside the skin would be an array of simple lenses, focusing sunlight through the windows into the interior.
Indeed, huge factories transform its kernels into an almost unimaginable array of compounds.
From here, you customize your scent with an array of top notes, which you choose based on your mood that day.
The point was to sit in your garden chair for four hours and watch the show on an array of television sets.
Many of us go through life with an array of undone tasks, large and small, nibbling at our conscience.
Even crazier than the symphony, it's a motley array of vocal and choral pieces, strung together by an orotund narration.
Prominent designers from an array of disciplines identify books that were seminal in shaping their lives and work.
He tried posting an unimaginable array of things, to see whether the post office would deliver them.
The walls are adorned with mounted butterflies and a rather unsettling array of stuffed birds and fish.
Its voters were proud of and pleased with the array of choices before them: proud of its diversity, pleased with its unity.
He also took an array of pills, which made him constantly thirsty and caused his body to swell.
The writer notes the array of wildlife on the island.
Instead, one transcription factor can flick on an array of functionally related genes.
Data collected by the sensor array is transferred to a computer, where it is used to create an image.
Solar thermal power involves the use of an array of mirrors to concentrate sunlight and the resulting heat to produce steam.
He uses imprint lithography, essentially stamping a hexagonal array of lenses into a liquid polymer.
Pumps draw the breath through a series of filters to dry it out and remove bacteria, then over an array of sensors.
The implant transmits signals to an array of electrodes surgically implanted on the retina.
However, this slab is punctured by a hexagonal array of holes that correspond to the position of the polystyrene beads.
Fang likens them to an array of wind instruments, such as the pipes in an organ.
But they require surgery to implant an array of electrodes deep into the eye.
The box contains an array of ultrasonic transducers that steer and focus the beam toward the receiver.
Using a liquid alloy means that resistance to electrical current does not drop when the array is stretched.
The technique results in an array of transistors that have good electrical properties and are insulated from one another.
There is a seemingly endless array of new phones with an equally endless array of options.
The wide array of often-unidentified materials, sizes and colors is a major obstacle to garden-plastic recycling.
C of the array, they perform an addition operation to each array element.

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