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Ceratopsian dinosaurs have a wide array of horn arrangements and frill shapes, and some scientists suspect these ornaments are.
Giant white asparagus tied with string on a silver platter lie below vases filled with spectacular flower arrangements.
If approved, the museum then makes arrangements for returning the objects.
He made charcoal drawings of still-life arrangements, drew and redrew a human skeleton-and then drew it again, from memory.
The arrangements were acoustic and the accompaniment was simple, based on the piano, guitar and accordion.
First of all, the arrangements for a conference of this size in a remote locale are remarkable.
The arrangements are not as elaborate as for a ball.
The size and arrangements of a people's homes are no unfair index of their condition.
Each room lock had its own unique arrangements of dots.
These ordered arrangements result in the basic symmetrical, hexagonal shape of the snowflake.
Compounds with the same composition but different arrangements are called isomers.
The effective use of implied sub-spaces, seating arrangements, lighting and acoustics was missing.
Using that, you could have intelligent arrangements and patterns that can change.
These systems invariably proceed to disordered, or high-entropy, arrangements.
Bees tend to prefer radial, symmetrical arrangements typical of many flowers.
The hospital's visiting-nurse liaison would help us by making arrangements for outpatient nursing care.
Shuffle these features together in various arrangements and you get the broad categories of modern ocean life.
We know that early species of elephant developed weird and pointless-looking dental arrangements quite useless to land dwellers.
Make your travel arrangements, and think about what logistics will fit your style.
As soon as she got on with the arrangements, of course, all but the tried and true had fallen away.
He has not historically paid much attention to his living arrangements.
The narrator's domestic arrangements are often touched upon, as are his everyday encounters with other human beings.
And many of them enjoy the comfortable living arrangements allowed by such fortunes.
Locals who don't fish but want salmon make informal or barter arrangements with their fishing neighbors.
Cora, given a taste of enfranchised usefulness, is straining at returning to a life of dinner silks and seating arrangements.
But insurers may be legally vulnerable if they have not disclosed the arrangements.
Arrangements beg for further listens by being both beautifully catchy and slightly off-kilter.
The executives and upper management continued to work and book travel arrangements.
But these arrangements are unwieldy and governance of multiple boards and nationalities can be a problem.
Rather than be at odds, homeowners and investors should partner in long-term equity-sharing arrangements.
They too stand to benefit from the simpler arrangements.
Changes in voting arrangements need the support of two-thirds of legislators, which in effect gives the pro-democracy camp a veto.
Social arrangements have not caught up with economic changes.
His policy work focuses on aggregate risk management and insurance arrangements for emerging markets and developed economies.
In practice, these arrangements have collapsed for three reasons.
If travellers believed that complying with the new arrangements really would make their lives easier, they would probably do so.
Now the details of these arrangements are being published for the first time, so it will become clear whether that was so.
The first is that she has made satisfactory arrangements for the remainder of her long life.
The short-time arrangements mean that workers stay in employment and keep their skills fresh.
Informal credit arrangements between firms are breaking down.
But financial arrangements between the two emirates are opaque.
The new arrangements will now be phased in more slowly and voluntarily, which is reasonable.
They have crammed as many lucky number eights into the arrangements as they sensibly could.
However, the usual practice is to obtain a visa first, before confirming travel arrangements.
Even before his task is completed, other areas are considering such arrangements.
Three arrangements, played without impishness or fun, completed the scheduled program.
The longer day can temporarily disrupt all the arrangements that parents rely on to keep kids safe and occupied after school.
Ideas for potential arrangements started to flow, he says, and then he put them down on paper before expanding them via computer.
The tempos are leaden, and the arrangements downright predictable.
It does not take detective work to come to the conclusion that the two arrangements were related.
Curtis said she wouldn't discuss the details of the surrogacy arrangements.
It's one reason why flexible work arrangements don't work: if you're on one, it's a sludge generator.

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