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But it would be natural if politicians dreamt of an arrangement in which they could wield power without being seen to wield power.
It doesn't look the arrangement will be permanent, though.
Nobody can deny that the present arrangement is messy and hypocritical.
The arrangement can put great strains on centuries-old societal structures in the recipient countries.
The entire arrangement makes it easy for this bifocal fish to spot a tasty bug flying above the water, or a bit of algae below.
The color captured in the picture and its arrangement was eye engaging.
Follow the steps below to create your own spectacular arrangement.
When that arrangement became public, it set off widespread criticism.
If divorce isn't an option for you, maybe living away for a few days a week would work, or some other arrangement.
But it has made him ponder the whole date and time arrangement people take for granted.
All the differences stem from variations in the initial arrangement of matter.
The clerk got on the telephone and made some arrangement.
Most arrivistes reluctantly put up with this arrangement.
But the true arrangement and purpose of the teeth remains a mystery.
Yet the purpose of this straightforward anatomical arrangement has baffled researchers.
Embellish the arrangement with dried chili pods, white winterberries, and green eucalyptus pods.
Make an arrangement near the water's edge and wait for the tide to reclaim them.
Their fundamental form derives from the arrangement of the water molecules in the ice crystal.
Earlier studies had identified the protein, but not its precise arrangement.
The arrangement of the content works best when you're working organically.
But the financial crisis has caused many people to rethink this comfortable arrangement.
The arrangement is probably an advantage for an animal that spends a lot of time digging.
It's unclear whether new studio deals would see a similar arrangement.
Anyway, the point soon became moot because the economics of the arrangement stopped working.
Modern bony fish such as cod, herring, and coelacanths have this tooth arrangement.
The pact allows for global expansion of the arrangement.
He is yet to repay it and does not view the arrangement as unusual.
Additional clues come from the floral arrangement that adorned the king's neck at the time of his burial.
And, someone will always point out the spouses in a joint-appointment arrangement.
From the arrangement of a system of internal stone supports, for example, they appear to have had raised floors.
One of the many startling possibilities opened up by the latest election result is that this arrangement may not be immutable.
The unusual shower arrangement may have been rigged by local firefighters specially for summer refreshment.
The arrangement may have formed an ancient sighting device.
Martians would be delighted with the new arrangement.
The arrangement is not without its nurturing aspects.
The secret to a diamond's hardness is its atomic arrangement.
The composition is the arrangement of objects in a picture.
Be careful in either case, though, to make sure that the academic department is entirely welcoming of this arrangement.
So this arrangement is bad for students and teachers.
The new fuel cell uses a unique arrangement of two graphite discs, each containing special enzymes and connected by platinum wire.
Clearly, the arrangement of sunspots is directly influenced by the internal wrapping of the sun's main north south magnetic field.
Its particular molecular structure involves a lopsided arrangement of fluorine atoms on one side and hydrogen atoms on the other.
As a result, the water molecules arrange themselves in predetermined spaces and in a specific arrangement.
Persecution and discrimination are clearly the bedfellows of such an arrangement.
It was an open kind of arrangement, but a bit more organized since they'd started the texting a few years back.
We have made an exclusive arrangement with another supplier.
The resulting domestic arrangement was apparently not a happy one.
But the elaborately accommodating, modestly palatial arrangement whets a viewer's powers of attention.
The current arrangement discourages employers from hiring or retaining older workers.
Neither government likes to draw attention to this arrangement, because it has been so convenient on both sides.
The arrangement which effects it will be a stereoscope, according to our definition of that instrument.
The euro arrangement either worked out horribly, or a little too well, depending on how you choose to look at it.
In other words, they did not use power electronics, which was probably the main point of this simple arrangement.
Why the arrangement seems to make such a big difference remains a mystery.
Instead, it relies on the material's own arrangement of atoms, known as its physical state.
Metastable molecules owe their longevity to a delicate arrangement of their outermost electrons.
While playing around with such embedded rotations, however, he discovered an ideal arrangement.
They had to evolve the special arrangement of bones and muscles that makes it possible for birds to flap their wings.
The stars stayed in a fixed arrangement and the planets moved against that pattern.
It is an arrangement of protein structures found in all living cells.
He knows the value of artistic selection and arrangement, and is something of a virtuoso of the short story.
They are shorter and narrower than those of the trachea, but have the same shape and arrangement.
Such an arrangement provides a mechanism for some of the referred pains.
The arrangement of the vessels in the mucous membrane is somewhat peculiar.
The arrangement at the lower end is somewhat similar.
The veins have a similar course and arrangement to the arteries.
They present differences in the size, shape, and arrangement of their cells.
In the arrangement of the materials, the same conscious art is observable.
The general character and arrangement of these dwellings remains on the whole unaltered.
The arrangement is consensual, and companies often use internships to test potential recruits.
The resulting arrangement, though hardly invisible, is reasonably elegant.
Others indicate that any new arrangement is likely to prove unstable if deficit countries fail to improve their fiscal position.
What ought to be an emergency arrangement might turn into a permanent one.
The main disadvantage of the arrangement is that it limits policymakers' flexibility.
The current sharing arrangement, designed for a single sovereign country, is likely to change after secession.
The old view listed apps in a long, single-file list arrangement.
Given the rate of change, this economic arrangement may not endure more than a generation or two.
But that arrangement is represented more clearly on an organizational chart than in reality.
Such an arrangement is a disaster waiting to happen.
Other flowers left at her feet later made into a huge heart-shaped arrangement on the lawn outside the church.
It is an unusual arrangement that could turn out to be a savvy financial decision for players.
The simple arrangement of string or leather lacing and a decorative slide is not suitable for all people at all times.
But no one expects that any such arrangement is now possible.
Such a thing could not have happened without official arrangement.
The state accepted the arrangement without seeking lower bids elsewhere.
Communist violations, therefore, justify the establishment of the security arrangement herein recommended.
The arrangement of bottles roughly corresponds to the stomach swatches of each brand.
Such an arrangement usually makes for a rocky crusade.
Their relationship wilted under the strains of the arrangement.
In my years in working with couples, that's pretty much an unfair and unworkable arrangement.

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