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You've reserved the space, maybe requested special media equipment, and perhaps you've arranged for some catering.
The paragraphs are arranged so that they are in the same order that the points are presented in your conclusion.
The tasters sit in clusters of three around tables arranged in horseshoe shape.
The puzzle's solution lies in determining the number of ways the pieces can be arranged back into a square.
There are many dream-worlds, but none is so rightly and reasonably and pleasantly arranged as that one.
The ossicles are arranged in a special order to perform their job.
First, participants reclined and arranged themselves in a circle or square.
However, that only tells you that you have the right number and kinds of atoms in the molecule, not how they are arranged.
He selects one of his menu options, which are arranged in a loop resembling the one he drew to pull up the menu, and away he goes.
These could be arranged to be at a suitable angle, both to the wind, and the heading of the ship.
The researchers regularly re-arranged the toys in their cages and placed novel objects in them.
These play-grounds could be arranged so that people could see the whales in as natural an environment as possible.
Also they need to be arranged in reverse chronological order.
The school children arranged a astronomy photo show for this occasion.
They are formed of simple molecules or individual elements arranged in repeating chains, sheets, or three-dimensional arrays.
He'd remembered my name from a meeting we'd arranged years before, and put in the order for our release.
Traditional solar cells are usually arranged in a flat metal plate interlaced with conductive wires.
He arranged for the author to dive for his own pearl.
Yes awareness camps can be arranged for alerting the bad sign to people.
Caviar, asparagus, and slices of strawberry are arranged artfully on a plate.
The bank also monitored the pipeline construction and arranged compensation for farmers along the route.
One autumn, when the fruit was ripe, he'd arranged to sell the persimmons.
Bullet trains are real fast and needs lots of funds to be arranged for company.
They were arranged down the center of the table and dramatically illuminated by gold and silver candelabra.
Tables and chairs and umbrellas will be arranged to form makeshift caf├ęs in the middle of the street.
They are arranged in a rectangle with severe, angled corners.
If you so choose, you and your party will have seating arranged at each of the three formal restaurants.
Where it gets weird is that this beastie then carefully arranged the bones of the deceased ichthyosaur on the ocean floor.
Apps are arranged in rows of four, and the arrangement is customizable.
The interior is done up in brushed steel and decorated with tastefully arranged orchids.
In reality, genomes are arranged in intricate, three-dimensional loops and whorls.
The clips are arranged alphabetically and can be sorted by air date and popularity.
Artifacts are arranged in four floors of exhibit space.
The pins were so arranged that when the cylinder revolved, they pressed the valves and blew the whistles in proper sequence.
He arranged a dramatic demonstration of his machine for a social, rather than medical, occasion.
All of the information is arranged in a complicated ontology.
These comprise a varying number of modules arranged in different ways, depending on the configuration of the vehicle.
These accelerometers are arranged in three pairs and are aligned along three different axes of the gradiometer.
The researchers are working on increasing the power of the device by adding more piezoelectric wires arranged in series.
Molecules were arranged into long fibers on the gold surface.
It consists of fibers or filaments arranged in a reticular manner.
The cancelli immediately beneath the anterior surface are arranged parallel with it.
The rods are cylindrical, of nearly uniform thickness, and are arranged perpendicularly to the surface.
The mode in which the plexus is arranged varies in different subjects.
The fibers are aggregated into bundles, which are arranged chiefly in a longitudinal direction.
The carpal bones, eight in number, are arranged in two rows.
These lines are composed of imperfectly calcified dentin arranged in layers.
The neuroblasts become arranged to form the ganglionic and nuclear layers.
It serves to support capillary vessels, arranged so as to form a net-work with elongated meshes.
The portion which covers the vessels is arranged in the form of two tubes.
The lymphatic vessels are arranged into a superficial and a deep set.
Sailing, whale watching and hiking can also be arranged.
The molecules in such liquids are closely packed, but loosely arranged.
The study was arranged so that the researchers did not know who had received the scent and who the dummy.
Things went awry when travel costs rocketed and car-pools had to be arranged in order to keep the bailiffs from the door.
In fact, dark matter seems to act as a scaffold on which visible matter is arranged.
And this is chiefly because governments have arranged things that way.
Hundreds of interviews were recorded in longhand, typed up in single spacing and arranged in piles.
Two nicely plump, pink-cheeked maidens are arranged on the grey rocks behind the actor, manacled and in chains.
The parts he was describing had to be so arranged as to allow for multiple doublings.
Public policy could be arranged so that employers played no role in health insurance.
Thus in later wars things were arranged differently.
They are arranged in decreasing order of height, with the shortest at either end of the line.
The table in the conference room held five stacks of files and papers, neatly arranged and yellow and crisp with age.
Even now none of the ballplayers believes a sports agent had selected them for defection and arranged their transport.
It had concrete floors and was arranged in neat rows in flat spots at the bases of the mountains.
Arranged in numerical order by bond number, then in alphabetical order by name of insurance company.
They are arranged chronologically and their abstracts are included below the citation.
Arranged alphabetically by county then by registrant.

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