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Example sentences for arrange

His position in the group has grown from being a supporting player to helping arrange set lists for concerts.
Have students look at the list of timeline events, and then arrange themselves in order according to list of events.
Arrange a layer of potatoes, overlapping in circles, in the dish.
In addition arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent via email.
But they did arrange for them to receive electric shocks.
Arrange in a single layer on a baking pan and bake until brown.
Standing now, he wobbles a bit as the trio arrange themselves so mom can slide into the seat.
Immediately lift out the fish and arrange on the platter.
Arrange herbs in a container to a striking effect.
If you choose the color of light and the substance sensibly, you can arrange things so that all the light is absorbed.
By using the park's shuttle-bus system, hikers can arrange two- to six-day treks back to their vehicles.
And you can arrange your miniature street people in your miniature town square without feeling sorry for them.
Arrange berry and eucalyptus branches after setting down plates to make sure the proportions are right.
In a circle, arrange chairs facing outward to total one fewer than the number of players.
If the steaks are to be grilled, arrange them on a grill and arrange the mushrooms cap side down.
Please arrange to have three letters of recommendation sent directly from the referees.
But such increases are laborious to arrange and politically difficult to push through.
Arrange slices close together on a broiler pan and brush with melted butter.
The question is how to arrange the movements so that all vehicles traverse their target sides in as short a time as possible.
Arrange them with the cheeses and accompany them with guacamole.
We will arrange for one to be sent to the lucky winner.
Arrange the pecan halves in a pattern among the pear slices.
Arrange carpools with coworkers and alternate driving on different days.
Arrange plants on a nursery cart to see which ones work well together.
Arrange one pastry round in a shallow pie plate or on a baking sheet.
Arrange a double layer of paper towels on a rimmed baking sheet and place in the oven.
Arrange the cloth or filter so that it rests slightly inside the container to prevent the oil from spilling over the side.
For even more drama, arrange a cluster of the leaves over a satin-smooth chocolate-frosted cake.
It's natural for us to arrange pictures from left to right to show chronology or causality.
Toss the noodles with about half the sauce and arrange atop the watercress on each plate.
We try to arrange a personal visit with a professor for each family that arrives on our campus.
Arrange flat buttons around the top edge of the lid for embellishments.
Arrange orientation so that sunlight backlights the bug, highlighting its outline.
Lift hearts of palm from dressing and arrange on salad plates.
Now you can arrange images into a folder on the device itself.
He added that work was already under way by the militaries of the two countries to arrange formal talks.
Short-term contracts and flexible working are becoming easier to arrange.
Arrange your picture by thinking about the objects that surround the subject of your photograph.
Arrange the candles in groups on a mantelpiece or table, or give them as holiday gifts.
So you could import a bunch of code and it would automatically arrange it into a hierarchy that my editor could edit.
As the rounds are cut arrange them on an ungreased baking sheet an inch or so apart.
Arrange folded dough in rows in pans, each nearly touching the other.
Arrange multiple silhouetted pumpkins along the center of an outdoor table.
The electrons trapped in a quantum dot arrange themselves as if they were part of an atom.
Have each team use half of the board to arrange their cards and use arrows to show which animals eat and are eaten by others.
To control the robot, you arrange commands into his method slots, and watch him go to work.
Phone a taxi service to arrange for transportation, rather than hailing a cab on the street.
Arrange small light weight mirrors grid-style for a glamorous regency-style look in the bedroom.
They arrange for him to make his relatively sedate second video.
Arrange pummelo segments, avocado slices, and a large lime wedge on a plate.
Besides secreting joy juice, neurons also arrange themselves into teams and network to share information.
Arrange the foil or plastic wrap between the two sheets of newspaper to form a valley, and shape hills over the high places.
Arrange sliced red-skinned plums on top and fold dough edge over plums.
The fair trade organizations certify the cotton and help arrange for business between fair trade farmers and traders.
Think of creative ways to organize and arrange the materials, cut on angles, woven together or stacked.
Arrange the poles so they splay out at regular intervals.
Arrange mussels around rim of pan, almost touching, pushing them into liquid.
Arrange the stems at the same height so the bouquet takes on a rounded shape.
Arrange miniature deep green conifers around a trio of taller lime green ones in a low taupe bowl.
How to grow and arrange a hydrangea wedding bouquet.
Taking advantage of the time a body remains at the scene he could arrange shots that carried a punch-line.
If its not set up for you to automatically get teaching experience, then you need to arrange it.
Moreover, they often arrange for funds to be delivered to people's homes, even in small villages.
You'd do your friend a big favor if you would arrange a mock interview for him.
Most obvious is the possibility that the meeting may arrange for a change of leadership.
Fortunately, not every potential applicant wants to arrange a meeting before he or she even applies.
Or, they could arrange it themselves for less than half that price.
Arrange half of the slices across bottom of a trifle bowl.
Damned if you build a dam: better to arrange the financing of the project.
They can also send it to you in the mail rather than having to arrange an installation appointment.
Arrange to be on programs related to your current work.
If this is the case, please try to arrange with your letter carrier to place the magazine in a different area.
Arrange the plates on the sidewalls as they should go.
One might arrange a bribe over lunch, but never over the phone.
Arrange the rolls, split side up, on a baking sheet.
As soon as you transfer the images to your computer, arrange them in folders that make sense to you.
Airlines and travel agents can arrange three-month tourist visas.
Arrange the observation well in advance, and choose the topic.
Arrange some of the apple pieces on top, then sprinkle with the toasted pecans.
Arrange the figs in a circle around the edge of the tart shell.
Arrange the fillets skinned side up on a flat surface.
Arrange the potatoes on a baking sheet and place in the oven.
Rub pumpkin with vegetable oil, and arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet.
The connective-tissue corpuscles of the pulp arrange themselves in rows, in such a way as to form an elongated space or sinus.
Arrange six thin slices fat salt pork two and one-half inches square in a dripping-pan.
Perhaps space elements arrange themselves into crystal structures, and each structure has different densities and properties.
Although there are many instruments playing melody and harmony, our brains arrange it into a simple, pleasing form.
People could arrange their wardrobe for the coming season.
Then ask her if she can arrange for you to observe them.
Arrange so that the more attractive interior of the cake is showing.
The clinic would arrange for transportation if needed.
And large employers could arrange for a weekly farmers market at their facilities.
Neither will be easy to arrange, but it is difficult to say what the second course even means.
In the absence of telephones they exchanged penny postcards to arrange their meetings.
Brush a large shallow baking pan with oil and arrange eggplant, cut sides up, in pan.
To achieve perfect layers in your rolls, carefully arrange each ingredient and wrap the rice paper tightly.
Giving people a real say, while harder to arrange, yields bigger benefits.
Though painful, he says, it would be better to arrange an orderly divorce.
Maybe government ought to arrange the law to enable free markets in health care and education to flourish.
Season the chunks on all sides with salt and pepper, then arrange them on a microwave-safe plate.
The company won't pay for an item that's broken, though it will supply packaging, pay for shipping and arrange to recycle it.
Numerous hotels and tour agencies operate here and can help you arrange excursions around the rest of the island.
Arrange fish on a broiler-safe baking sheet lined with foil.
The railway also can arrange hotel, meal and canyon-tour packages.
Arrange the bulbs on the bottom before refilling it.
But some destination weddings are simple to arrange.
Cut the potatoes lengthwise and arrange, cut-side up, around the platter.
They arrange for him to go to a counselor in hopes that whatever is wrong will be uncovered and corrected.
Alternatively, arrange steak on a rimmed baking sheet.
Arrange several pieces of fennel confit next to cake.
Arrange the crackers side by side in a single layer on the foil.
Requests should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange the accommodation.
On another section of the table, arrange two straight lines of dominos.
Arrange for the presence of a third party, or another employee, if possible.
Contact us to arrange management consulting services from one of our providers.

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