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Example sentences for aroused

Those dreams have been aroused over the past few months.
The philanthropy's impending withdrawal has aroused anxiety about what.
And for as long as they have had them, these groups have aroused in others a mix of envy and resentment.
But among the impoverished peasants in the vicinity, the project has aroused deep misgivings.
The rumor emanating from there reflected the instinctive dread aroused by such monstrous innovation.
Interestingly, this desire for distinctiveness could be quelled by giving the aroused males a candy bar.
The philanthropy's impending withdrawal has aroused.
Because of its potential for addictive behavior, casino gambling has aroused the interest of health professionals.
And every new medium has aroused fear and even hostility as a result.
Its growing economic strength has aroused awe and not a little fear around the globe.
When the brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates beta waves.
But recently it has aroused fear and outright hostility from some professors and experts on cheating.
Last week's column has aroused offence where none was meant.
The research team speculates that when engaged in a mundane task, mind wandering allows people to remain properly aroused.
Yet, no fiercer adversary could have been found when aroused.
But the legislative push aroused objections from groups that represent professional photographers.
As it happened, he was arrested before the attacks when he aroused suspicion at his flight school, and remains under arrest.
They lacked any impulse to even try to become aroused.
Yet the content of her talk aroused mixed reactions from our colleagues.
The pound's slide has aroused understandable anxiety.
If the self is to survive, it must be aroused by an experience more vital and bracing than pleasure or enjoyment.
The immense and random windfalls that stock options can bring has aroused the anger of shareholders and the general public alike.
The bottom of the list, however, aroused more in the way of hostile comment.
Problems aroused time to than according to the political and economic conjecture.
Scientists, too, need to be aroused and creative if they are to come up with new solutions to pressing dilemmas.
The people must be aroused by degrees, gently at first, and then with more and more ferocity.
Some of the students were asked outright, while others were first exposed to short films that aroused feelings of fear and anger.
You've grown fangs, which pop out when you're aroused.
Hovering above her is a creature with a bison's head and hump, and an aroused, white eye.
To move him, it was necessary that his senses should be aroused.
It is a big order and it has aroused big opposition.
The decree aroused only muted controversy, yet it called into question the point of holding a referendum in the first place.
Yet even that mild concession aroused furious debate within the party.
My skepticism was aroused by the notion of abundance.
Their suspicions aroused, they began checking into her background.
The gap between our economy's need for functioning infrastructure and what is being invested in it has aroused much concern.
From the beginning, the disappearance aroused suspicion.

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