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Ambien, surprisingly, has even been used to arouse people in a persistent vegetative state.
And the curiosity arouse naturally about the peculiarities of who is teaching.
Running away will only arouse the dog's instinct and make him chase you.
And, as it doesn't add, give its journalists some shelter from tireless complaints that the issues there arouse.
It would, however, arouse considerable opposition abroad.
Yet radical welfare reform will inevitably arouse far more opposition than a trifling cut in benefits.
It was thought that these executive sessions would arouse controversy.
Failed crops, lost jobs and bad dreams also arouse suspicion.
And it leaves no trace, so those who use it discreetly are unlikely to arouse suspicion from the prosecuting authorities.
Results with a period of one year tend to arouse suspicion in scientists wary of systematic errors.
In fourth place, also unlikely to arouse much protest, were new measures to control malaria.
All of these options are going to arouse opposition.
So, to me, the question of whether the complaining individual has seen something to arouse this suspicion is worth asking.
Neither sale, they say, is likely to arouse much enthusiasm.
One example of the kind of dispute the export push is likely to arouse is in the domestic motor vehicle market.
Even a straightforward advance from a generous parent can arouse a surprising array of emotions.
Good melodrama doesn't need dialogue to arouse interest.
He is sure his realistic war toys will arouse parental protests, which are always good for sales.
His uncertain speech and heavy head are certain to arouse laughter whenever this film is shown.
Its originality, subtlety and spirit always arouse and please.
None of his successors could arouse the old enthusiasm.
Critical essays that thus add vigor to lucidity arouse and delight our minds.
But the new-comer gradually began to arouse his attention, then his wonder, then suspicion and even alarm.
Latchkey children who spend some part of the working day at home without adult supervision, arouse particular concern.
Which is why the supposed counterculture nature of his brand might arouse some suspicion.
The best of his stories arouse a feeling of deep foreboding.
Almost everything in it will arouse some kind of curiosity, whether material, scientific or historic.
The use of discrepant events in the teaching of science is one of the best methods to arouse this curiosity.

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