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Window smashing and graffiti followed the course of protestors around the downtown area.
Pour or shovel in remaining lava stone around pipe to hold it in place.
They are held every four years in a different place around the world.
Place shorter or trailing plants around the perimeter of the container.
Repeat on remaining two sides, then staple all around the edges, pulling cloth tight.
As a tropical disturbance grows in strength, surface pressure in the area around the storm falls.
Pour oil around side of wok, then tilt wok to swirl oil, coating sides.
Spur the engine as intended and there's surprising muscle either around town or on the open road.
Protesters around the world demand that something must be done.
The planet orbits inside a disk of material around the star that's no more than two million years old.
Around the world, the descriptions and messages of textbooks and curriculums vary widely.
Prisons were built around the noble ideas of rehabilitation.
The condition has been likened to a handful of tortoises crawling around the bottom of a well.
Around the world, clothing and adornments distinguish people and cultures.
Click here to see a map of dead zones around the world.
Pebbles are too smooth and round to make a suitable paving if left free to roll around.
Never has food moved around the world at the speed or in the amounts it has over the last few years.
It does, in short, precisely what a city bus is supposed to do-make it feasible for people to get around without a car.
They are so varied in flavor and nutrition that a whole diet can be built around them.
Around dawn, heart rate and blood pressure gradually rise.
All the comforts of civilization but rustic enough to remind you nature is all around you.
Share your pictures from around the grill as well as your favorite recipes.
The contest invites architecture and engineering programs from universities around the world to build small, solar-powered houses.
Those against the cut back will trump up fear around the globe.
Students will examine their own modern culture and compare it to other cultures around the world.
So to get around it, the whales first increased the amplitude of its call to keep in touch with other whales during loud periods.
If they shift nervously or glance around the room, there might be something they're hiding.
Several teachers and a social worker seated around a table in the school's cramped administrative offices nodded in agreement.
The shoe must fit the foot and not the other way around.
Countries' stimulus plans should be built around common principles, even if they differ in the details.
But throughout the period, the planet has wobbled on its path around the sun.
So those tasty leaves aren't around long, especially in warm weather.
Governments around the world are making data available.
Then he began to think bigger, creating awards for first-generation-college students at public universities around the country.
Check out the sculpture garden while the kids climb around in playhouses hand-carved from stumps.
Other people crowd around tables to check out a mosquito-repelling, battery-powered.
Around the pond, water-thrifty perennials and shrubs provide splashes of color.
Voters around the country are experiencing problems this morning as voting machines break down and long lines form.
Other bubbles are thought to have formed self-replicating substances by attracting chemicals from around them.
Put a bead of silicone caulking around the inside of the outer container.
But the controversy hasn't gone away, as his findings began to be investigated in laboratories around the world.
Check out where different landforms are around the world on the map below.
It is variously lengthened to management by wandering about or management by walking around.
Several exterior and interior shots were filmed around the museum.
The best teaching doesn't always happen around a seminar table.
Instead of selling their fish at beach auctions, the fishermen would call around to find the best price.
Rodents and primates around the world can breathe a little easier.
So many sacs are bobbing around that the waves seem to be covered in a veil of mauve.
By now the effort to control light pollution has spread around the globe.
Twilight calls for the woodsy comforts of drinks and a chat around a toasty fire.
With the holiday season upon us, digital photos are going to be flying around everywhere.
Put this story down for a moment and take a look at the undergraduates around your desk, outside your office, or out on the quad.
As you scroll through the forest, move your mouse around.
Choose a tall plant for the back of the pot, shorter accents to go around it, and low trailers to spill over the edges.
Newspapers remain at the forefront of defending and promoting press freedom around the world.
Those are clouds forming around the jet, by the way.
Hire a pedicab to pedal you around the neighborhood's attractions.
Audiences are at once fragmenting into niches and consolidating around blockbusters.
Reading will make you more informed and more aware of the world around you.
Pretty apple and almond blossom around pear, with underlying flintiness.
In the days that followed, the rough outline of his biography was recounted in newspapers around the world.
Make sure the location has good drainage, since you don't want water to collect around the frame after every rain.
Of course, the more attentive you are to their basic needs, the more rewarding they'll be to have around.
He is distinguished in the way of an emeritus professor and dressed formally, with a scarf wrapped around his neck.
Not to mention that you have to weed around those things and end up getting poked a lot, too.
Another thought is stringing little bells or wind chimes that might keep birds from lingering around your blueberry bushes.
Rosemary is great for a little hedge around other herbs, or in a rose garden.
Yet laws regulating the choice of both first names and surnames are common around the world.
Planets are believed to emerge from the accretion of particles in a disk of gas and dust as they whirl around the star.
In some countries it is a common habit to carry around more than one phone.
Please play around with it and tell us what you think.
These middlemen have their own distribution networks, and take on much of the work of ferrying cash around the country.
Globalisation is the more or less simultaneous marketing and sale of identical goods and services around the world.
They are busy and know how to shop around, both online and offline.
Instead, it started around the time they would have ended.
Around the world, surface winds are slowing down, a new study says.
The belief that animals can predict earthquakes has been around for centuries.
It inhabits tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world and has been observed clambering onto land to sunbathe.
The ship is a ghost, killing the reef around it little by little.
Check out this list of cool archaeological sites from around the world.
Students will travel around the world on a visual scavenger hunt.
Stick around afterward to try it yourself in a hands-on activity.
They settled there, but around a fourth of the tribe died on the way, because they had no provisions over the winter.
The tasters sit in clusters of three around tables arranged in horseshoe shape.
Volunteers and magazine staffers bring around the wines- six bottles to a flight-and the tasters go to work.
Science is about unlocking the world around us and laying it out to be admired.
Individual fish can be distinguished in photos due to differences in the shape of the blue lines around their eyes.
Guide students to use the key to explore where hunger is a serious problem around the world.
In all cases they end by forming synapses around other nerve cells.
On our lower gun-deck two large pieces had burst at the first fire, killing all around and blowing up overhead.
The arteries around the ankle-joint anastomose freely with one another and form net-works below the corresponding malleoli.
It also helps to solidify the stuff floating around in my brain.
On the one hand, students can complete coursework around their own work and family lives.
For the next two weeks, the crew and the science team worked around the clock, collecting hundreds of samples.
And while many escaped without major damage, some reported extensive flooding in and around campus buildings.
Obviously it's been around a awhile, but it's gathering new interest from more popular audiences.
Its policy around the world is that it will obey the law of whatever country it operates in.
The traces of our long journey to this juncture can be found all around us.
US officials did not sit around and conspire to allow genocide to happen.
They seem to come fully to life only around other people.
Apple's new toy has finally arrived, and it's way too big to carry around in your pocket.
Right behind the line the mortar guys sat around in their mortar pits and played cards all day.
She spread her skirts on the bank around her and folded her hands over her knees.
Gathered around him, a handful of architects watched.
Brief travel narratives and occasional reports from correspondents around the world.
So you can follow that around and see how these ideas moved.
He's actually created a new media ecosystem built around the mobile phone.
Storm has been around for almost a year, and the antivirus companies are pretty much powerless to do anything about it.
They've probably been occurring for as long as the sun has been around.
Every now and again, the gas giant captures a nearby object, which hangs around for a few years and then wanders off into space.
Invite your friends over to gather around the jumbo touch screen.
Video companies are adding news features to make viewers stick around longer.
In many ways, these clouds are similar to those that form around emerging stars.
Invisibility cloaks work by steering light around an object, fooling an observer who sees nothing but the background view.
The idea is steer light around a volume of space so that anything inside this region is essentially invisible.
Around midday, the cooling mode kicks in, and the device shuts off the building's regular air conditioner for a six-hour cycle.
If one-twentieth-wavelength features can be resolved, one should be able to recreate them by turning things around.
There are so many people working on it around the world, so every month there are new developments.
But this means the entire vehicle has to be designed around the communications system, which then cannot be changed.
The material, with water circulating around it, is alternately placed in and out of a magnetic field.
And online grocery shopping has been around even longer.
He spends a substantial amount of his time and money roaming around at night among planets and stars and galaxies.
To do this, policymakers around the world need to do two things: get credit flowing again and prop up spending.
To understand that property, imagine stretching a rubber band around the surface of a ball.
It is a good idea to have as few myths floating around as possible.
And they are right now gathering strength around the world.
Stir it around with a fork so it cooks evenly and thoroughly.
The flip side was a fiery temper, and a tendency to perceive slights around every corner.
Even the ground he'd pushed around would have to be re-graded.
Lemons and tangerines grow on the trees around the pool.
There was a stickum on it, and you could stick it around your posterior.
Bizarre and unusual destinations around the world.
Her flat was around the corner, too, so they paid the driver and walked the rest of the way.
In fact, half of all respondents said they used a sick day or vacation time to be around for an in-home service.
Tuna populations around the world are being fished more aggressively.
Farmers around the globe prepare their crops for market.
They lurk around the ants' trails, pretending to be ants and grabbing a meal when the opportunity arises.
Molecular switches provide a route around existing gene patents.
Today's robots that fly, jump or roll around must refuel or recharge as does any gadget that runs out of energy.
Researchers were interested in how fluids move around inside a caterpillar.
They looked at the diversity of disease-causing organisms and at the number of victims in regions all around the world.
Distributed computing projects spread difficult problems out among numerous computers, sometimes around the world.
But scientists now think they may be able to work around that limitation.
Research groups around the world are developing ingenious robotic devices to improve people's health.
Widely available satellite imagery is making governments around the world awfully nervous.
All across the world, the sort of culture you live in has something to do with the ecosystem around it.
Once the chaser drives its prey into coral crevices, the others act as blockers, swimming around to cut it off.
The colony lives together for years, driving around their snail vehicle.
Hicks collected several bodies and sent them to labs around the country.
The cells came from seven labs around the world and had been reprogrammed using five different methods.
Their blood also contained around three times as much corticosterone, a hormone produced in stressful situations.
It's no secret that an alarming number of species around the world, especially vertebrates, are in trouble.
Drop spoonfuls of topping around edge of cake and spread gently over center, smoothing evenly.
You'll find groupings of trucks at various spots around town.
They live in trees around the house and make a big noise if strangers come around.
Throw in your cinnamon and roll it around in there until you can smell it.
Once everything's had a chance to roll around in olive oil and warm up, add the beaten eggs.
Brush egg wash around each mound, then fold other half of sheet over filling.
We looked at what the other customers, seated on stools at low wooden tables around the kitchen, were eating and made our choice.
Butter, being neutral, easily absorbs flavors around it.
Run a thin knife around edge of terrine to loosen, then lift out of terrine using banana leaf.
Then she began rummaging around in the refrigerator.
We can also provide stock footage of locations within and around our main building.

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