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Now, retailers are selling potent aromatic candles billed for bathroom use.
Benzoic acid is an aromatic carboxylic acid, not a phenol as previously reported.
And if you cover the grill for a few minutes near the end of cooking, the food captures a trace of the aromatic smoke.
Each sprig of aromatic herbs or flowers was chosen for its meaning according to the language of flowers.
Both are cultivated for their attractive, pleasantly aromatic foliage.
Sadly, the aromatic fruits are merely a decorative bonus.
Curry leaves make this vegan curry intensely aromatic.
Place the vanilla seeds and sugar in a bowl and rub them together until the sugar is aromatic.
Give this breakfast staple a makeover with the addition of freshly toasted, aromatic hazelnuts.
All those resinous plants releasing their aromatic oils in the warm air.
Leaves of this shrubby perennial are flavorful and aromatic.
Apple, pear, and aromatic stone fruit give way to a gamut of citrus.
So this red-stemmed, ruby-flowered, and said to be especially aromatic version must be tried.
These jars, which probably held olive oil and aromatic resins, are still contained within the wreck.
And if the twig came from an aromatic tree or shrub, all the better, because you got some breath freshener in the bargain.
Because the nearly instantaneous cooling of the hot liquid preserves aromatic integrity-and aroma is the gateway to taste.
By several hours later, oxygen is no longer detectable because it has already oxidized some of those aromatic volatiles.
Here they're often sweeter, more aromatic, and with deeper colors that persist through cooking.
Use red-stemmed mint, simply because red-stemmed mint is more pleasantly aromatic.
As promised, the beef was aromatic and flavorful, stir-fried to chewy perfection.
Frankincense is an aromatic resin used in perfumes and incense.
From the outside, the church offers little sign of the aromatic riches within.
Researchers pumped an aromatic compound into a set of cages.
There is a slight aromatic scent of fish and ethanol in the air, rising from sealed plastic buckets stacked on the floor.
For example, gasoline produced via direct liquefaction of coal has a high aromatic content, giving it a high octane rating.
The intense, aromatic corn brings a powerful flavor to every dish.
Tabbouleh gets a zingy makeover, thanks to aromatic mint and salty, tangy preserved lemon.
Tea seeds are cold-pressed to produce this aromatic sweet oil, which can be used for sauteing or tossed into pastas or salads.
Some of the best scrambled eggs in the world are those laced with meaty, fresh, aromatic chanterelles.
Rooms are decorated with natural items, including coconut tree wood, woven palms and aromatic vanilla vines.
Visitors also get to see wildflower filled countryside dotted with farm producing aromatic herbs and produce.
Definition: o-xylene is an aromatic hydrocarbon, used in the production of phthalic anhydride.
Many trees and plants release aromatic gases when humidity spikes or rain falls.
Once the bowl is handed to the cook, a steamy, aromatic swirl of activity begins.
The same is true of the more unusual and interesting crisp aromatic duck that is served with steamed buns.
Cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and cloves: an aromatic bounty sits packed in a jumble of cardboard boxes on the floor.
But in these between-season days, bulgur can be served warm and seasoned with aromatic spices.
Plant your own heirloom tomatoes, squash and eggplant and enjoy them ripe from the vine, warm from the sun and naturally aromatic.
Benzidines and aromatic amines contain nitrogen atoms inside or attached to benzene-type rings.

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