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As the comments sections of columns now show, an army of critics stands ready to point out an author's mistakes and shortcomings.
Army recruiting offices were mobbed as they had not been since the first week of the war.
As has happened several times since the revolution, faced with pressure the army backed down and suggested compromises.
The police or the official army will have to do the actual work.
And a politically intrusive army has been firmly returned to its barracks.
But the army and perhaps the king would resist his return: indeed it could tip the country back into chaos.
But the belief was growing that the army was forcing him into exile.
Officers booted out by the army for their political views will be able to seek legal redress.
The army has ignored calls to account for its killing of unarmed protesters and bystanders.
Splits within the army itself are starting to appear.
Generals complain about splitting the army, but they already oversee a myriad of specialist units.
The traders will be allowed to dispose of their effects, the allied army having the right of preemption.
In this way he put to his friends, as he went along, all the contingencies that can befall an army.
Army ants are truly devastating predators, but escaping the hungry horde is still possible.
No two figures are alike, and craftsmen are believed to have modeled them after a real army.
At the company's commissaries, a small army employed efficient cooking tactics.
They use their outsized noggins to block their nest entrances against invading army ants.
Recently, researchers have created a small army of robots that work side by side with scientists to steward the planet better.
The orbiter systems are so complex, a standing army is necessary to fly one.
Today's soldiers are more power hungry than ever, and the army believes flexible solar cells can provide the extra juice.
Once upon a time it took an army of accountants, middle managers and support staff to manage a large corporation.
If army exists to keep the peace, then so must guns.
The army stopped her at several checkpoints to advise her to turn around, but still she persisted.

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