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News about arms control and limitation and disarmament.
He compares what happened to a figure skater pulling her arms closer to her body, causing her to spin faster.
Flying squirrels glide, extending their arms and legs and coasting through the air from one tree to another.
Adults wear a coat of light brown fur that turns red around the head and shoulders and gray at the arms, legs, and tail.
They use branches as tools, they wave their arms at each other, and they fight.
One mystery is the purpose of the fine, hairlike filaments that coat the crab's arms and legs.
The deep-sea crabs farm bacteria on their furry arms as the crustaceans' main sources of food, scientists have discovered.
Some scientists argue that feathered dinosaurs evolved flight from the ground up, flapping their feathered arms as they ran.
Our solar system lies in one of the galaxy's spiral arms, about halfway from the galactic center.
The old way of doing arms control-highly technical and incremental-no longer captures the public's imagination.
Since then, royal aides have cannily worked to secure autonomy and arms-length financing from government.
Even in the humble heartland, there is no escape from the academic arms race.
Of course, many of them were up in arms about it and felt that is a function for career placement centers and not professors.
Several students tried to run through the wall of arms but were forced to the ground.
While performing the duties of the job, the employee is regularly required to use hands and arms and talk or hear.
Don't grab the arms of the chair or slide backward in it.
Several students tried to run through the officers' arms, but were wrestled to the ground.
But colleges can't fold their arms in a huff and try to pull away from the problem.
The arms, artillery and public property to be parked and stacked, and turned over to the officer appointed by me to receive them.
The maid answered with all her heart in the same words, and hastened to the spot, ready to throw her arms about his neck.
There was something in the helplessness of the little animal held so tightly in his arms that gave him courage.
She tore down the runway toward him with open arms, her spirits-and feet-flying.
Grateful knock-kneed boys with scrawny arms and sunken chests reported that their lives had been turned around.
It makes the hair on your arms stand up and your heart feel things it has never imagined.
Shoot several rolls, and remember to keep your arms tucked in for steady shots.
The evolution of toxicity and the evolution of anti-toxin strategies is considered an arms race between the eaten and the eaters.
Arms control is now being used to sustain asymmetrical advantage.
They move freely, swing their arms, and generally take up space.
Sometimes he holds his arms up there for a long moment.
He flexed his muscular arms, bent his knees, thought he could dodge an emu.
He touched his arms and legs, finding them unharmed.
The debate ended with a sensational closing-statement arms race.
Scientific inquiry has focused on the utility of the diminutive arms of tyrannosaurs for nearly a century.
The simulated environment comes complete with robot arms for lifting packages off a conveyor belt and placing them on pallets.
But it's all there-the tiny arms, the huge head, the large teeth and muscular jaw.
The canonical winter icons, stellar snow crystals are thin plates of ice with six main arms, or branches.
The wind at that speed is probably strong enough to dislocate his arms if he were to extend them.
Over the course of the day, they gradually grow leaden with extended use, as our arms and legs do.
The cross had one green arm and one blue arm and the lengths of the arms on the cross varied slightly.
Because the distribution of weight in the armor requires the wearer to use more energy to swing his arms or move his legs.
The mechanical arms that have long been a mainstay of manufacturing are merely complex tools in comparison.
Artificial muscles already help human eyes blink, robotic fish swim and mechanical arms in space replace solar panels.
She paused, opening her mouth to sneeze, and stuck out her arms as if to gather strength to fight it back.
If you're so pro-life, do me a favor-don't lock arms and block medical clinics.
He has a slight build, skinny arms and legs, and a head almost too big for his body.
Lauder plans to use the house as a private museum and a place to display his large collection of medieval arms and armor.
There he/she is-the real thing-and the hair on your arms stands up.
She thinks he's dead, even though she can see his arms waving.
The crowd cheered, and thousands of people raised their arms, some holding up posters.
They drove their parents' cars in the evening, their seats pushed back and their arms stretched out to reach the steering wheel.
Most artificial arms are controlled by remaining muscles near the amputated limb.
Let them take some responsibility for the people within their arms reach.
Today's robotic arms have limited flexibility, with many robots requiring up to six arms to achieve a complete range of motion.
Beyond the displays, other key differences can be found in the systems' hand controllers and coupled robotic arms and instruments.
The surgeon controls the tools that top the robot's arms via two multi-jointed handles on the console.
The parabolic dishes sit on top of mechanical arms that move them to follow the sun.
Polyethylene glycol's arms link to two biologically active ingredients.
The robot has a gyroscope to help maintain its balance and stabilizing arms to help right it if it slides off track.
Based on these measurements, a computer causes a series of actuator arms to push and pull on a set of small, deformable mirrors.
Phantom arms, legs, fingers and toes: seemingly the stuff of horror movies.
It is great innovation to use robotic arms as the research has shown.
However, their arms didn't have a wide range of motion and they bore long flight feathers that might have got in the way.
It becomes a sea-snake by pushing six arms down a hole and waving the other two around in a sinuous wriggle.
The name sticks even though the legs to which two of these feet are attached have become arms in humans and wings in birds.
Others dismantle pumps and block drains, causing costly floods, or flex their arms in order to pop locked lids.
Hold your arms out with your palm oriented vertically, as if you were trying to shake someone's hand.
Now, in the deadly arms race between people and bacteria, the bugs are winning.
The night sky is the setting for an arms race that has been going on for millions of years: a conflict between bats and moths.
The gravity of each galaxy distorted the other, drawing the arms out, slamming gas clouds into each other.
But while the animal's arms, body and mouth have fossilised well, time has not been kind to its eyes.
It's possible that males and females escalate their adaptations over time in an evolutionary arms race.
If the jumpers want to raise their legs up, they have to swing their arms down.
It's a network of shady arms trading, and in your inflamed bowels, it happens at an unprecedented level.
They hug and link arms and no one's going to make fun of them for it.
If you and your partner are lucky enough to find an inviting hand on one of your arms, then you join in the fun.
At first they do this casually, leaning their arms against the fake leather of the back seat so that their hands touch.
Prosthetic arms and legs and even bionic eyes have become commonplace.
He crouched low on the board, with his arms out for balance and his feet locked into the straps.
They were carrying broadswords at their waist, signifying that they were trusted to bear arms in the presence of the monarch.
His sister wrapped her arms around him, and they rocked together, in tears.
There was two guys carrying one guy and the one had his arms, and the other had his legs.
Yet somehow he kept slipping through the arms of the law.
More arms flooded in and the propped-up rulers in both places became all the more despotic.
The sudden return, the backdrop of war, a shady banker and arms dealer as a sponsor.
We would have people hold out their arms on each side parallel to the ground.
Lift your arms up above your head as high as possible while looking straight ahead.
He was convicted of raping her, hacking off her arms below her elbows and leaving her to die.

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