armrest in a sentence

Example sentences for armrest

Such contact is usually tolerable, unless dished out by one of the flying world's armrest hogs.
But between seats is a five inch armrest, enough space so you can sit back straight without shoulders touching your seatmate.
Couples can sit angled towards each other and use the large middle armrest as a table.
Here's the seat control unit, entertainment remote and right-armrest adjustment button.
She locks the interface next to the fixed armrest, slightly lower, and then drops her arm from the armrest into the interface.
Swivel armrest to facilitate side transfers from wheelchair.
Therefore, in cases where the aircraft seat armrest does not pivot out of the way, transferring is further complicated.
Pull up on the armrest to spread the space between the posts.
To open the compartment, one had to use an electric motor to release a tension strap so that the armrest would lift up.
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