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Example sentences for armpit

Elastic armband gets a little ripe, snuggled up next to your armpit and all.
The sensor is worn under the armpit and measures subtle changes in basal body temperature which is indicative of ovulation.
He put something under one armpit and put the rest of the pile back in the mailbox.
He holds the flashlight in his armpit while his gnarled hands work through the keys of a hundred solemn locks in this huge church.
The thing that stopped his bodily movement was the vertical structure of that split rail fence impacting his armpit.
It's also approved for use to mitigate excessive armpit sweating.
For in-track skiing, the pole should reach to your armpit.
The condition results from the removal of lymph nodes and results in chronic swelling in the arm and armpit.
Lumpectomy is the removal of the tumor, often along with lymph nodes in the armpit.
Surgery to remove lymph nodes found in the armpit region.
For tumors in the arms, lymph nodes near the tumor and in the armpit area are removed.

Famous quotes containing the word armpit

Anna who was mad, I have a knife in my armpit. When I stand on tiptoe I tap out messages.... more
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