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Example sentences for armour

Its body had nine segments, each bearing a pair of armour-plated legs, covered in thorns.
It could be put to all sorts of uses, from strong sutures to artificial ligaments to body armour.
The veined octopus, for example, dons a suit of armour made of coconut shells.
It was clear that the weakness in her armour was there.
Two-thirds of workers have armour-clad permanent contracts.
Finally, the third and topmost layer consists of a new kind of armour.
They don body armour, camouflage outfits, face masks and helmets.
The first officers to enter the flat wore special body armour.
Depleted uranium is used to make anti-tank shells more deadly, and tank armour less penetrable.
Instead, he has promised bodyguards and armour-plated cars to keep the officials safe.
Meanwhile a large part of the workforce is protected by armour-clad contracts.
Armour consisting of a leather surcoat worn over the hauberk, from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century, both inclusive.
Armour did not have immediate or direct control over that incident.

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