armory in a sentence

Example sentences for armory

So from the yard they'd go downstairs to the prison industries, which consisted of a large military armory.
That's a welcoming home ceremony, and generally they're held in an armory that is where the particular unit is from.
The idea is to reduce the overall toxicity of the entire armory of pesticides.
Among this armory of social signals are stereotyped, formal invitations to potential mates.
And it will become an additional weapon in the radical armory.
The armory contains only some familiar farmyard implements.
The smell and the grime of the armory were incredible.
On this ship you have an armory, a cantina, a laboratory and the bridge.

Famous quotes containing the word armory

To these men The landscape is an armory of powers, Which, one by one, they know how to draw and use.... more
If Jupiter should hurl a bolt whenever men sin, His armory would quickly be empty.... more
I am here to plead his cause with you. I plead not for his life, but for his character,—his immortal life; and so it b... more
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