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Bacteria coat your skin in an ultrathin protective armor, which helps keep harmful microbes at bay.
Fake or real, body armor exerts a pull on those inclined to flaunt it as a fashion statement.
While he played well that game, seeing the armor of the player get broken gives incentive to fans to chant.
Ships gave up on armor a long time ago in favor of radar guided point-defense.
But he pointed out that the new fossil contained partial hinges in its armor.
Birds usually keep the ants off their menu because of armor and a bad chemical taste.
It would also be great to see how something resembling a knight in shining armor swam.
Army didn't bother to properly test five million body armor plates that were supposed to protect soldiers on the battlefield.
It was rather strange looking: a flattened head and snout, lips but no teeth, and covered in a light-gray suit of armor.
The armor also makes it much harder for a predator to eat an armadillo.
But as per usual in sci-fi, alien armor is surprisingly vulnerable.
And personal defense weapons are supposed to be capable of penetrating some kinds of body armor.
The more you load him down with body armor and fancy weaponry, the slower he moves.
It has no armor protection when it is in the motion and can be a perfect target for shooting.
Actually, the composites have more in common with bullet proof armor than it does with plastic.
We learn how old a croc is by looking at an enlarged cross-section of an armor plate from the animal's back.
Wallow in memories of the ditto machine and armor plate.
The gladiator is shown wearing light leather armor over his left arm and shoulder, his neck, and the back of his head.
In fact, the unique conditions of the desert afford several advantages for advancing armor.
Their thick skin provides armor against jellies' stinging barbs.
Sea urchins are perhaps best known for their armor of spines.
To protect themselves, the knights wore armor and chain mail.
We wear body armor that restricts our freedom of movement.
With regards to the goods, there are spectacular conquistador armor and helmets.
She was said to have leaped forth from his brain, mature, and in complete armor.
She beheld distinctly a winged horse, mounted with a cavalier in rich armor, cleaving the air with rapid flight.
The frogs applauded the speech of their king, and straightway they went to their armor and their weapons.
Lauder plans to use the house as a private museum and a place to display his large collection of medieval arms and armor.
Proposed solutions include lightweight fuel cells and batteries molded to the shape of a soldier's body armor.
Now a mere scooter ride requires body armor, and in many families kids aren't permitted to ride out of sight of the house.
Several schemes of armor are stacked all on top of one another, but none complete.
The space shuttle's thermal protection system is an armor of heat-resistant tiles that diverts super-heated plasma during reentry.
Animals' natural defenses are providing inspiration for researchers developing the next generation of lighter, tougher body armor.
Throughout their evolution all crocs have sported this body armor.
It was designed for cutting through armor and slicing across the body.
Learn how specially designed vehicle armor and customized weapons help these mercenaries survive being targeted by insurgents.
The next generation of bulletproof vests and military armor could well be inspired by a deep-sea snail, say scientists.
Future versions of the exoskeleton may also have armor plating.
It's basically a flying warehouse abuzz with armor-clad clinicians and portable life-support units.
The warhead impacts the outer armor of the tank, squashing its deformable plastic explosive head against the outer armor.
Protection mechanisms of the iron-plated armor of a deep-sea hydrothermal vent gastropod.
Rounds rattled off the armor plating of the vehicles, and rocket-propelled grenades plowed into the hillsides around them.
We had to divvy up the equipment, so there were people carrying multiple weapons, people carrying extra body armor.
They started complaining about the weight of their armor.
They slept in their body armor and helmets and kept their hands wrapped around their guns.
Body armor once used mainly for dirt-track motorcycle racing has become fashionable among mountain bikers.
He is a delicate mix of talent without end, and ego without armor.
Armor size and gender specification performance evaluation.

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