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Together, these factors could prepare the nucleus for an armed rebel group.
Museums will soon be armed with a new tool to detect your fake paintings: a sharp-eyed computer program.
Students do not come to college armed with those skills, nor are they likely to be acquired without guidance.
So now, armed with self-confidence and a sparkling résumé, you're ready to make the leap.
She requested that an armed university police officer be present in the room when she defended her dissertation.
Notably absent from that list are heavily-armed flying gondolas.
Armed with such logic, a coalition of the hopeful is trying to buck the rude trend, even to reverse it.
Opponents said overturning the ban would be disruptive to the armed services.
When you think about it, the possible combinations are endless when you're armed with a jar and a fork.
Privateers were privately owned, armed ships hired by governments during time of war.
They sting fish and other prey with tentacles armed with hollow, harpoonlike filaments that deliver toxic venom.
The authorities accused a local politician and his armed followers of the crime-a charge the politician has denied in court.
Imagine that you are a police officer in a tough neighborhood where the criminals are heavily armed.
He then drove to his former school, armed with out-of-date rifles and homemade pipe bombs.
Armed with contrast agents and drugs, a dendrimer can then locate and signal the presence of diseased tissue.
Academic psychologists, armed with a veneer of scientific jargon, wanted in on the action.
They are absurdly over-armed, overdressed, and overweight.
And a handful of greasy, armed empire mechanics in khaki shorts, drilling for oil.
He'd committed a string of armed robberies and even attempted a kidnapping.
Crane's partner was armed with a semi-automatic sniper rifle.
Campion was heavily armed under his loose-fitting, dark-gray wool overcoat.
He stiff-armed the other two families as well, telling them he was in meetings.
There is no reason, he says, to have thousands of armed missiles on something close to hair-trigger alert.
State television continued to insist that the protesters were armed gangs, and protests continued to be met with violence.
The scene in which he defuses armed conflict at a bar-with a cup of coffee and a cigarette-sets the tone for an entire generation.
Hockey is also the only major sport in which players are armed with clubs, and the only one to unfold at such ferocious speed.
Polyethylene glycol, the only synthetic ingredient, is a many-armed polymer used in toothpaste and shampoo.
US soldiers, armed only with lethal weapons that they were forbidden to use against looters, were helpless.
Armed with this information, the team began to develop and test the turbine's components.
Many insects are armed with venom, which they can inject into their enemies via a sting.
It is the principle that one would use a hand grenade to defend one's home against an armed intruder.
Armed with the new time line, fossil experts began weighing in.
Many animals are armed with chemicals that hijack the nervous systems of their targets, producing feelings of intense pain.
The idea is that, armed with these examples, students will recognise similar problems and apply what they have learned.
Inside the cylinder is the animal's head--the umbrella part-- which is armed with a ring of nine spines.

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