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The hand-wound armature is the size of an ankle shackle, built to last centuries.
There he began by sculpting clay applied to a wooden armature.
Generators had a ball bearing on one end of the armature and a bushing on the other end.
The basic dc motor loop circuit consists of a dc motor armature in series with a dc power supply.
The part of a motor armature to which the armature windings are connected.
When all the bronze pieces are ready, a stainless steel armature or interior framework is constructed.
The current in the armature coil oscillates, causing the field to change direction.
These motors have the field coil connected internally in series with the armature.
The armature systems and weights were mounted to the toolbar.
When the motor is running normally, the shaft and the clutch armature revolve with the motor armature.
As the armature rotates, the current moves in the direction of the arrows.
The bearing pad functions as a silencer at the pivot point of the hinged armature plate.
It is brushless and consists of an armature, a rotor, and a dc-excitation stator.
Each section was attached to a steel armature for support.
Install and field test new armature windings and stator cores for two generators.
On the right side of the room a human skeleton is suspended from a freestanding armature.

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Tools arm the man. One can well say that man is capable of bringing forth a world; he lacks only the necessary apparatus... more
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