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You could be the poorest of the poor and still be an aristocrat.
He just fixed us with this look, and it was like confronting some kind of aristocrat.
By birth Froissart belonged to the bourgeoisie, but his tastes and associations made him an aristocrat.
Of course, but he still behaves like a born aristocrat.
He was married to an aristocrat and much concerned with genealogy.
For example, the Victorians painted the earl as a decadent aristocrat to make the tale a morality play.
One considered the best of its kind: the aristocrat of cars.
The writer of the diary proves to be a relentlessly determined aristocrat who wishes to rid the country of an unsuitable queen.
Except for the accident of his birth, he could be an aristocrat.
The middle-aged aristocrat cut an eccentric figure.
Avocado was the table aristocrat of the twenties, exotic, expensive.
Of course, he only does it after the aristocrat slaps him.
Maria fluctuates between the trapper and the urban aristocrat, and as events unfold, her indecision leads to tragic consequences.
Trained in science and mathematics, this aristocrat had a concept of total war embracing diplomatic deceit and economic warfare.

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