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The members of the aristocracy of mind produce ideas, and pass along knowledge.
All that counted now was the aristocracy of exposure.
These policies are something out of an aristocracy, not our democracy.
She grows up among the aristocracy, and elaborate palaces are her and her many siblings' playgrounds.
The planters have been called an aristocracy.
We are ready to grant all supporters privileges of the aristocracy.
Society consisted of a brave and barbaric aristocracy and the degraded serfs.
That was his ticket to the new aristocracy of proletarian cultural workers.
Almost 400 letters between mother and daughter draw the reader into the antebellum Southern aristocracy.
The aristocracy are the staff officers.
The aristocracy may have been grounded in feudalism, but it gave all children in its.
And it attracted a who's who of aristocracy, politics and entertainment.
In other words, the opera served mainly as a playground for the aristocracy.
Eliminating it is in my mind a big step towards creating a permanent aristocracy, which is not what this country was founded upon.
And it would incentivize idleness by promoting an aristocracy of inherited wealth rather than accomplishment.
He was cosmopolitan, and a member of a new aristocracy.
The patterers were the brainy, sophisticated ones-the self-proclaimed aristocracy of the street.
He has a hatred for the aristocracy, and manners that are none too smooth.
The prime minister seemed mostly to object to her aristocracy.
During the precious centuries the aristocracy suffered from political dissensions.

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