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And half of them are shrilly argumentative about it.
But if you take the point of view of the argumentative theory, having a confirmation bias makes complete sense.
Our hypothesis is that the function of reasoning is argumentative.
But that's enough about the tone of the argumentative parts of this book.
Most important, this argumentative culture nurtures a sense of responsibility.
His persuasive powers were small, and he was fairly distanced in argumentative skill, raillery and vituperation.
It displays some argumentative power: and the verse is not entirely devoid of vigour.
The relatively new science of solar weather prediction remains argumentative, however, not unlike terrestrial meteorology.
There has often been a tender but unintended humor in the argumentative writing by advocates of eventual computer sentience.
It's a difficult point to dispute in this argumentative collection.
The interviewer may be sarcastic or argumentative, or may keep you waiting.
In effect, then, the intelligent design team has handed argumentative victory to its opponents before the debate has even begun.
He was not a real lawyer, but was known in the cell for his argumentative abilities.
Now that it is being asked to predict the future of the world, it has understandably become politicised and argumentative.
And in the present argumentative narrative they may not say anything that will not have a counter argument or rationale.
The talk hosts don't tend to be bombastic or argumentative.
Don't get off on the wrong foot with someone by being secretive or argumentative.
What is the name of the argumentative technique in which one makes wild, outlandish and claims in support of one's argument.
She is an edgy, argumentative television film maker who's something of a workaholic.
It has some better definitions of some of the argumentative fallacies than the ones you have been trying to use.
If you're going to engage adults, argumentative style is crucial as well.
Not meaning to be argumentative but curious and somewhat skeptical here.
Any relevant evidence will suffice: sociological or social psychological or argumentative.
What's striking is the labeling and the argumentative style to begin with.
Try not to take things so personally, and people such as myself won't seem as argumentative.
Their persuasive essays lack the basic components of argumentative writing--components that they readily offer up in conversation.
Second, the paper must have an argumentative edge featuring a thoughtful thesis, so that it is not a mere regurgitation of facts.
Argumentative behavior is discouraged and creativity appreciated.
Wheeler objected on the grounds that the statement was argumentative.
If an observer is argumentative or disruptive, they may be ordered to leave the polling place.
Additional duties might include restraining combative, suicidal, argumentative or mentally disturbed prisoners.

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