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He also argues for rhyming deaf with leaf, and protests against inserting a y-sound before the u in such words as nature.
It argues that the first step has been taken to secure privacy, the absence of which is the chief curse of the tenement.
And taking up this pretty joke, as his way is, he argues it with perfect gravity and logic.
Berger argues that without a protected corridor, the herd will die off, an outcome that he says should be unacceptable.
The study argues that the caterpillars have actually manipulated birds' instinct, over time, to avoid potential predators.
And yet those are living cultures, he argues, not to be dismissed because they have changed.
She further argues that there is a value-added in acquiring these higher-order integrative skills.
That's because the current system of categorizing psychiatric problems is fundamentally wrong, he argues.
Without the likelihood of serious harm during the incident, the defense argues, the case should be treated as a misdemeanor.
The majority of species in danger of extinction are humble insects, a new study argues.
The pace of the continental breakup, he argues, had distinct evolutionary impacts on dinosaur characteristics and lineages.
The plastic industry argues that bans and taxes are counterproductive.
Brunet argues that the tooth in question resembles those of later hominids.
But almost no one seriously argues about the basic meaning or legitimacy of core civil-rights protections.
The predatory prowess afforded by jaws, he argues, was an evolutionary bonus.
He argues that even a six-mile-wide asteroid could not stir up enough dust to create a global shroud.
He argues that intelligence and artistic creativity evolved to signal high genetic quality to potential mates.
In actuality, it presents statements that it argues are facts but in some cases are actually either untrue or misleading.
It's unproductive to think of security as a series of threats to be overcome, a computer scientist argues.
He argues that having interesting technology without a compelling market is not a good place to be as a business.
He argues that the same is true of putting photographic images together in a collage, and also of altering a single photograph.
Reduce the power of the unions, he argues, and bad teachers could be quickly dismissed.
The key, he argues, was those much-maligned budget deficits.
He argues that the endurance of a political settlement about rights is some evidence of the political morality of that settlement.
Yet, she argues, that would be to miss the puzzling contradictions that must complicate any such simple picture.
Librarians have purged their shelves of newspapers, he argues, because they are driven by a misguided obsession with saving space.
First, he argues, expenditures are largely driven by the supply of services.
It argues that any argument for strict scrutiny based on the comments of one legislator fails under governing law.
Walkup argues the court should have allowed the jury to hear his expert psychologist's testimony.
It argues that the limitations period commences when the last of the overt acts occurs or when the conspiracy ends.

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