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The three arenas are a cruise ship, an outdoor table, and a sports arena.
The rock, bigger than a sports arena, tumbles menacingly close to our planet every few years.
And surveys evaluating its use in football have found that it is more effective than arena signs and logos on uniforms.
Her persona in the skating arena was rough and tumble but she was not at all of that type.
Enter a closed arena teeming with zombies and take down as many enemies as possible before time expires.
The brotherhood needs the army to facilitate its dominance in the political arena and the imminent running of the country.
Again, by four years of age, children have become expert at working the social arena.
Right now cost is the only arena where the feds can enter the fray.
Surely reform in this arena is an appropriate part of the dialogue.
So any criticism of my posts outside of that arena have been unfounded so far.
Such enthusiasm is harder to find in the scientific arena.
We are talking about the larger arena of politics, not the micro-managing of daily affairs.
The peer review element also gives them an arena in which to share information about their projects, while it is still in process.
Before going public it was an incredible learning arena.
By your logic, it would be relatively impossible to prove or disprove anything about any topic in any arena.
In case even this is not enough, glowing launch pads around the arena will blast you skyward so you can glide above the arena.
The jockeying of genes has direct parallels in the arena of human behavior, especially with regard to conflict.
The adult movie arena is even more crowded than the market for games.
The challenge is to teach politicians and lawyers that spinning doesn't work in this arena.
Primary campaigns-and the press coverage of them-had become the arena in which candidates were vetted.
They can read things about you clear across an arena.
The college will have to replace the ice in the arena.
And this appears to be a continuing trend in the digital arena as well.
It'll be interesting to see how the web client would fare in an arena dominated by streaming music companies.
We are creating a forum to share methodologies, successes and innovations with our colleagues in this arena.
But let's keep this in the intellectual arena, where it belongs.
Something was bound to slip to the side amid the chaos of the domestic arena.
But it puts the problem of war and peace in the proper arena, and allows the potential problem-solvers in.
Perhaps nowhere have these issues been so apparent, however, as in the arena of mammography.
If the arena was flooded with green light, the spiders made accurate jumps.
Remember that people in the public arena are not equipped to judge these ideas on their merit.
Games can improve our social connections, and they can provide a huge arena for collaboration.
It's so long term however, that few people are truly able to comprehend the importance of large expenditures in that arena.
There has been considerable mathematical work in this arena.
Scientists are not being intellectually honest when they enter the political arena.
In the scientific arena, controversies usually play out as a contest between alternative explanations for the phenomena.
However, when you get outside the enclosed circular self reinforcing arena and discover no one agrees with you don't be surprised.
While the odds may not be in favor of these actors in the arena, they certainly were in the casting room.
At many venues, scalpers can't do much because you need a ticket to get within a mile of the arena.
Now the trend toward personalized products is moving into a new arena: pharmaceuticals.
One thing that's going to change in the next few years is that scripts for games are going to come more from the dramatic arena.
They've got tons of powers in the sales and retail arena.
But to pull it off, he needed a secret weapon-an expert in this arena to prove he wasn't some digital dilettante.
And the country really, really needs some leadership in the energy arena.
As the crowd gathered in the arena, it was apparent this was no ordinary concert.
If ever there were a perfect opportunity for making data more available, one would think it would be in the energy arena.
Any two companies that compete in one arena are, at the same time, probably in bed with each other on many other levels.
One practical application lies in the forensic arena.

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