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The area of attachment of a cranial nerve to the surface of the brain is termed its superficial or apparent origin.
The first digitation is inserted into a triangular area on the ventral surface of the medial angle.
Makes sense because a smaller body means a bigger surface area to body volume and more efficient heat dumping.
Open up and flatten a chicken so more surface area can get a smoky char.
One way to boost the performance of any solar cell is to increase the surface area available to incoming light.
Check out prices on recent sales in your area from public records.
If your institution feels that faculty need training in this area, then provide it.
The same is true for an area of beach.
Macon County is an agricultural area.
Common area amenities include heated pool, hot tub, parking spot and fitness facility.
Forty-one percent are from the Savannah metropolitan area.
The expanded attic provides ample headroom for a new sitting area.
It is a trade and industrial center in a rich grain producing area.
You'll see houses listed for sale in your area.
Bison and elk once roamed this area, hunted by the prairie wolf.
Generally, the farther an area is from the equator, the longer and colder are its winters.
And the task is even more challenging when you're also trying to maintain privacy and create serenity in a bustling urban area.
Our goals were to open the spaces to each other and to reorganize and upgrade the kitchen as a warm and elegant entertaining area.
Search by zip code for incentives and rebates in your area.
Our goals were to open the spaces to each other and to turn the kitchen into a warm and elegant entertaining area.
We had rented a cabin on the edge of the wilderness area.
During activity the granular zone gradually diminishes in size, and when exhausted is only seen as a small area next to the lumen.
There was also guest bathroom off the main living area.
The problem with my area is the concentration of highly educated professionals and the large military-industrial complex.
In my area, the practice is to post the salary range upfront, and the salary schedule is often posted on the college's website.
My entire master's was ed courses in my content area.
Also, you can get a sense of the pay by looking at what public school teachers are getting in the area.
Much of the sea life that would normally inhabit the area has perished or fled.
Terminal degree in one of these or another closely related area is required.
The country is by far the largest in the world in terms of area.
If you're looking for high student contact, perhaps another area is the way to go.
Alternatively, there are a lot of bedroom communities in that area, some of which aren't as expensive as some of the others.
Maybe they could not pay for the complete travel but for your stay once you are in the area.
The lack of activation of this social cognition area is really odd, because it hardly ever happens.
The shaded section in the middle represents the overlap of the two sets, with answers in this area working for both sets.
In that picture, the peninsula represents the bird's head, and the area between its beak and wattle is the area surveyed.
With that kind of crumbly, broken-up crust, the earthquake energy is lost in the movement of the crust from one area to another.
The other main area of concern is the fuel system, where even a tiny spark could be disastrous.
It has to do with a small part of our brain called the middle temporal area.
In a huge crowd, those within the crowd will have no idea that they are walking into an area which is already overcrowded.
The remote area has yielded some remarkable discoveries.
Animals have the choice to either hide, ignore, or even inspect the area.
It'll require a gaggle of drones and spy planes to monitor such a wide area.
Early amelioration work released noxious smells in the neighborhood, and the evacuation area was widened.
The prosecution treads on a gray area largely avoided by federal law enforcement until now.
The protected area is in one of the planet's more remote locales.
Maps are used to provide a wide range of information about a particular area.
Type in your address to see all venues near you, or use the map below to zoom into your area.
The lake is small, roughly half a square mile in area, now once again blue and tranquil.
Shards of pottery of an undetermined age litter what might have been a kiln area.
And that indicates one area where some public support for journalism might be absolutely necessary.
It will strike some as mystifying that a small, peripheral economy should suddenly threaten the world's biggest economic area.
Neither the threat of fines on miscreants unable to afford them nor the euro area's ban on bail-outs was credible.
First, the surgeon removes the scorched tissue from the affected area.
In the euro area, consumer and business confidence are both on the wane.
Area between the three nodes represents country's internal equilibrium position.
The sovereign-debt crisis in the euro area is the main villain.
The only way is to reduce costs, relative to countries inside and outside the currency area.
So,no connection with that area and those persons.
The economies of the euro area, too, are struggling badly.
The battery-maker's dilemma is that the recharging rate depends on the area of contact between electrolyte and electrode.
Most of the other books on the area concentrate inevitably on the implications of the two countries' economic rise.
At the start of each experiment the group cuts a fire break along the perimeter of the area.
The euro area's rebound is less marked and less impressive.
Our articles and multimedia items on the euro-area crisis.
Except, that is, in one area: creating a new energy economy.
Yet it will not seem inappropriate to consider one relatively isolated, yet not atypical, area of foreign affairs-atomic energy.
It is an area in which the primary intent of our policy has been totally frustrated.
The area was then opened to hunters who held unused deer tags from the past season.
Finally game wardens moved in and shot forty-nine mule deer that refused to leave the area.
Stahl heard the crash and wandered up to the site where he took the photo before the area was cordoned off by rescue workers.
One half would be a sitting area, the other half a raised garden.
It describes a fourth possibility: electromagnetic interference from one or more of the ten military craft that were in the area.
Soon they were met by police in riot gear who surrounded the area.
The area where heavy looting has occurred, for example, is largely under the control of a few tribes.
His prediction came true in the twentieth century, and in no area of learning more so than in science.
The large triangular-shaped stone is not indigenous to the area but was carried there by a glacier during the ice age.
His room was part of a suite, and he was allowed to go out into the sitting area with the police to watch television and chat.
So it's not a suitable area for investing exactly because you don't have the rule of law.
For example, a proposition describing a certain area as blue is incompatible with another proposition describing it as yellow.
They finally found him, this morning, in an area outside his expected course.
He has three main tactics for seizing public trust in the area of national security.
Vanda has become one of the area's many drug addicts whose addiction lends drama to their static lives.
It then shelled those zones repeatedly, while issuing denials that it was doing so and forbidding journalists access to the area.
The government also worried that a foreigner might hike in a remote area and get injured, creating bad press.
Villagers in the area awoke last night to quite a ruckus, thinking that an earthquake was underway.
Four other bone and ivory flutes were previously found in the same area.
Another area, on the underside of the brain, is important for recognizing people's faces.
As that range area is also used for other things, aircraft ships, etc they can't have it indefinitely cleared.
He is also exploring the possibility of an area-masking agent.
The bright white area in the lower right section is the face and the ears are defined by the dark loops above.
But to some climate scientists, the amount of wear is raw data attesting to the climate history of the area.
One node is usually installed at the edge of an urban area, wired to a local-area network cable, he explains.
Among the best studied models in this area are birds such as zebra finches.
Devices will instead have to use whatever spectrum is unclaimed by the digital television stations in their area.
Each square focuses on an area a different distance from the camera.
Of particular interest to neuroscientists is the hippocampus, an area deep in the brain that is crucial to memory.
Immune system is quite complex and the particular area of learning capability of the immune system isnt understood completely.
In the top image, areas in yellow and red are structurally connected to the area indicated by the blue spot.
If a horde of reports came in from a particular area, it could indicate an earthquake.
Two main theories of aging have dominated thinking in this area.
These many weak interactions add up to strong adhesion over the area of the foot.
If there's one area from which the last vestiges of human interaction need to be expunged in the name of profit, it's music.
But you can use her home as a base to explore all sorts of wild hot spots in the area.
Sue would sit at one end of the seating area, two large facing sofas flanking her and a chair at the other end.
There's not a lot of gray area in being flirty with somebody.
They told him they wanted to give him a chance at the more upscale area of the market.
Projects affect a specific area but this area can vary among resource types and by phase of development.
The area generally has less than five inches of annual rainfall.
But when the ratio is calculated for a broad metropolitan area, it can impart valuable information.
It stands in an area dotted with small homes and farmhouses, pervaded by the distinct aroma of horse manure.

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