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Example sentences for arduous

I've had fantastic experiences with much smaller-scale, yet still arduous, research projects.
But becoming a principal dancer is arduous even for someone as talented as she.
Her feet are steadfast, all the arduous way.
He's been developing them in arduous daily workouts for as far back as he can remember.
But the breathtaking view from the top compensates for the arduous climb.
Better than anyone, they know what a long, arduous journey it is.
It's a seven-part series that takes you around the world to see the arduous journeys taken by some species.
Studying proteins has long been a slow, arduous process.
As such, it is a milepost of significant psychological import on the arduous journey from winter to spring.
As a result of these poor ergonomic conditions, dental appointments were long, arduous affairs.
Changing environmental conditions along routes can hinder birds' ability to survive their often arduous long distance journeys.
Physiologic data collection measured the side effects and interrogational efficacy of arduous treatment, eg, waterboarding.
But the work of teasing out epigenetic modifications and their effects is arduous.
My first visits, seven years ago, were particularly arduous.
It is fitting that these images were arduous to capture.
Susan felt that they had been destined to find each other late in life, after each had endured a long, sometimes arduous journey.
The troops now went to work to make themselves comfortable, and to enjoy a little rest after their arduous campaign.
He demands for the profession a long and arduous apprenticeship.
They are about arduous and serious labor, about reading and writing and critical thinking and challenging ourselves on all fronts.
The application process does not seem too arduous, certainly not more than other national research grants.
They're still unpleasant, but they're the lesser evils, the road less arduous.
Also, sharing these frustrations and insights with you makes this arduous process somewhat more livable.
Without someone to turn to, without a proper sounding board, research is far too arduous and far too lonely to sustain.
The arduous two-inch ascent from fluid to resting place took more than an hour.
As is usually the case in science and technology, the journey from the idea to its full-fledged exploitation is long and arduous.
He drops the chalk, forcing the mummy through the arduous task of starting again.
The southbound migration is the more arduous leg of the journey.
It really does become an arduous back and forth of words.
But soon my attraction to convenience gave way to a relishing of the arduous.
Our process for selecting the innovators is rigorous--not to mention arduous for our editors.
For those who survive, recovery can be long and arduous.
And that was even before the arduous, almost daily meetings with the two parties' leaders.
The good news is that the arduous, time-consuming work is done.
Follow the arduous journeys of birds, butterflies, and beasts.
At first glance, great snipes don't look especially speedy or well equipped for such an arduous journey.
Humpback whales, known for their haunting songs and arduous migrations, are the ocean's great wanderers.
Returning home after relocation is a risky, arduous journey.
However, leopards do not exhibit the arduous practice of caching everywhere.
In the end, his arduous journey deeply illumines our own.
During floods, the water forcibly wedged boulders in there, making the way forward exceedingly arduous.
Getting there requires an hour-long, arduous drive on dirt roads, but the rewards are great.
For families of missing persons, the search can be a lonely and arduous process.
But transactions in them are still more arduous to complete, not to mention more opaque, than other investments.
Negotiating a new treaty would be arduous, if not impossible.
The process for getting a work visa is so arduous that many bright would-be immigrants give up.
Journeys can be long, arduous and often quite expensive.
Learning about these things is, however, an arduous business.
The negotiation process will be arduous, but it will be less painful than continuing current hostilities.
She buys water by the bucket an arduous ten-minute walk away.
Putting this idea to the test was an arduous process.
Contracts can be arduous-insisting on, say, only a certain make of tennis racquet ever being held.
Missionaries must live simply, rise early and follow an arduous regimen of prayer, study and accosting strangers.
It will be, henceforward, a long arduous and painful road to the long sought after future.
The journey is long,arduous and strewn with temptations.
Their work is always arduous, often heroic and sometimes dangerous.
Arduous conditions generally must be determined upon the facts in each individual case.
Applicants must be able to complete a work capacity test at the arduous level in accordance with division policy.
The job may require arduous physical exertion under rigorous and unusual conditions.
The work environment is arduous and potentially dangerous with long work hours.
The development of inundation maps involves several steps and is an arduous process.
The arduous work-out includes running, strength training and aerobics, as well as health and nutrition.

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