ardour in a sentence

Example sentences for ardour

The troops were pressing forward with all the ardour and enthusiasm of combat.
She accedes to the proposal with nearly as much ardour as.
Such was his ardour and affection for this heavenly exercise, that he seemed to pray everywhere, and at all times.
He threw into the effort all the ardour of a generous and enthusiastic nature.
His ardour and idealism prepare us for the deeper spiritual sublimity of the puritan poet.
Such was the ardour of his devotion, that he lived as it were in the perpetual contemplation of heavenly things.
The frequent use of the sacraments kindled every time fresh ardour in her soul.
His ardour in the perfect practice of virtue strengthened him against the bad example of many tepid companions.
It is incredible with what ardour the king exhorted his people, especially his domestics, to the practice of all virtues.

Famous quotes containing the word ardour

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