ardently in a sentence

Example sentences for ardently

The book won her praise as an intelligent and humorous journalist and critic who ardently searched for the truth.
Some beer styles are loved, some are ardently despised, but none is more divisive than pumpkin ales.
There was also a concert hall under construction that he had ardently wished to see completed.
He wooed her ardently, they were soon married and she quickly bore him two daughters.
The research required to fill the pages of this guide was ardently gathered and reviewed by a modest group of college students.
They were true patriots who ardently supported a number of philanthropic activities.
Hy has been on numerous boards and fought ardently for the people often abhorred or neglected by society.

Famous quotes containing the word ardently

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Much is being said about peace; and no man desires peace more ardently than I. Still I am yet unprepared to... more
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