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Example sentences for ardent

He was an ardent lover.
The young cosmetics salesman now is discovering that women are ardent shoppers.
As a result, they run the risk of coming across as troublemakers or cranks rather than as reformers or ardent advocates.
Speaking both as a historian of science and as an ardent biological evolutionist, I look to the past to make sense of the present.
The software is not flawless, even its most ardent supporters admit.
Yet even ardent critics of the government admit that much has improved.
They are a soccer-crazed nation's most ardent fans.
He was not, he always said, a very ardent member.
Even those remarks have not satisfied the most ardent opponents of the war.
Ardent label readers scan nutritional labels for ingredients that they don't want in their diet.
It's a testament to the mystique of its products and to the ardent loyalty they have inspired over many decades.
They were ardent and articulate champions of their choices.
But that doesn't change the fact that the text themselves do not support what their ardent believers say they do.
Maybe there's something inherent to computer programming that creates and reinforces ardent individualism.
Seldom has any legislative body been the subject of a solicitude more intense, or of aspirations more sincere and ardent.
His ardent backers spout not ideology, but faith in his goodness.
We always look forward to a new administration with ardent anticipations.
There's another kind of loneliness, too, which is odd considering the ardent attention paid to her by her partner.
His ardent asceticism has only recently been leavened with a dollop of luxury.
Still, nothing provokes disagreements among ardent hoop fans more than healthy what's-the-best-in-history dialogue.
Early ardent sentiments of piety seemed to have prevented in her the use of reason.
Ardent environmentalists and hardened sceptics recycle at the same rate.
In truth, even ardent advocates of sustainability struggle to identify more than a handful of examples.
But he has an ardent following, particularly among students.
The collection runs hot to cold, ardent red to lonesome blue-it soothes and abrades.
All of this reminded his ardent local admirers that their chances to hear this legend are numbered.
We know that many of the people who were influential in this selection were ardent trout anglers.
What's clear: enemies are out there, as ardent and violent as ever.

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