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Example sentences for archive

Each archive will cater to a specific scientific discipline.
Our multimedia archive and library will continue to be updated.
The group also recently added current journal articles to its archive.
Here are some cool digital archives or archive-related projects we've come across lately.
Browse the adventure and exploration photos in our archive-each one ready to be downloaded as wallpaper.
Sad to see that this article wasn't nearly as thorough, and also that the online archive doesn't go back nearly that far.
In the past it would have been impractical to archive all of this information.
Delicious can create a living, breathing archive of relevant information surrounding important keywords.
Changes in the legal deposit legislation are necessary to allow exceptions for memory organizations to archive video games.
Literature-our great archive of human expression-is deeply contextual and historicized.
Indeed, one magazine recently featured a bar code alongside archive images of famous swimsuit models.

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To a historian libraries are food, shelter, and even muse. They are of two kinds: the library of published material, boo... more
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