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Example sentences for archival

Its value lies mainly in its discovery, the product of experience, a good eye and meticulous archival research.
Her archival research and attention to detail is exemplary.
It will serve as an archival site celebrating books.
Second, personnel files and other archival data had to corroborate veterans' reports of trauma.
There's no shortage of fabulous archival material lurking in college and university collections.
Only a tiny fraction of archival material has ever been read, much less digitized.
Nor is it likely to in any field where refereeing remains an important part of archival publication.
Yet despite a few archival projects, no one is backing up our collective disk.
In this way the tagging and archival features are key.
The university insures the center's archival holdings, as a whole, for a billion dollars.
It's a collection of archival photographs and pre-production sketches of films from the nineteen-forties to today.
These can then be placed in an archival folder or photo album.
Of particular interest to students and scholars, are the troves of books and archival materials squirreled away in libraries.
Some individuals have stepped to the archival mission, as well.
Reading these and other new memoirs, old categories break down, and some of the archival statistics begin to look different too.
It is an elaborately crafted photographic film, extolled for its sharpness, vivid colors and archival durability.
Adding to the movie's excellence is a wealth of archival footage and a tone that never mocks its subjects.
Archival and new maps trace the battles, political turmoil, and great themes of the war.
The selection committee will not consider applications seeking support solely for laboratory work or archival research.
The committee will not consider applications seeking support solely for laboratory work or archival research.
Look for the mention of long life or archival life to ensure the image data will remain stable.
Archival photos and personal accounts by disc jockeys who worked at the station enliven the story.
Students have volunteered to conduct the archival research that's required before each plaque can be etched and put in place.
From archival bits and pieces, an alternative history.
Generally, computers are used to generate and maintain archival records.
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