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Example sentences for architrave

The openings have molded architrave trim and flanking shutters.
It features a two-stage architrave below the frieze, and a cornice with reeded band runs along the frieze.
The entrance features a transom and shelf architrave and is flanked by secondary entrances with transoms and similar architraves.
The window and door trim is a mixture of older architrave, replacement architrave, and plain box trim.
The mantel consist of a shelf set on a narrow series of moldings, and a surround of architrave trim.
The north entrance has a paneled door set in a simple wood architrave he surmounted by a penciled gauged-brick flat arch.
The headers are formed from the wood stringcourse on the first floor and the architrave on the second.
The doorway opposite the entrance is decorated with a plain pediment and simple architrave surround.
The doorways and windows in this portion of the house have architrave frames.
The mantels in both the dining room and the north room have an architrave and mantelshelf held by pilasters.
The portico shelters the main entrance which consists of a single paneled door framed by a molded architrave topped by a pediment.
The simple pine mantel, with a wide architrave, and original bricks surround the hearth opening.
They have architrave surrounds under a single horizontal recessed panel and an unmolded shelf.
The main entrance is in the center bay through a single door framed by a four-light transom and architrave trim.
The cornice is fully molded above a full frieze and architrave and a full cornice also forms the rake mold of the two gable ends.
The gable features a wide entablature with the architrave and frieze areas broken by a single thin molding.
The house now has nine-over-nine sash with architrave frames throughout the first floor.
Above the architrave at the central wing, plain brick walls and rectangular windows enclose the fourth floor.
Over the mantel a cushion frieze and architrave are added to the cornice to form an entablature.
Most doorways have architrave framings with crossettes and a frieze above.
The plain architrave trim on the sides of the entrance is capped by consoles supporting a cornice with egg and dart molding.
The single frame mantel, on the lower level south wall, has a panelled architrave surrounding the fire opening.
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