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There is no room for the medium-size exhibitions that were a staple of the architecture and design department in its heyday.
With each step the architecture-the underlying structure of computing-became more distributed.
Modern architecture has also cut off interiors of homes and buildings to the outside world.
Now the stunning square is before you, ringed by historic buildings and amazing architecture.
The design spans-and expands on-a century of modern architecture.
Architecture design languages help developers start with a good framework.
Here are other little-known but intriguing local architecture guides.
The Roman architecture revived in the fifteenth century, and in vogue during that and the two succeeding ones.
Some of Hawaii's best architecture can be found underwater.
The residents have been diligent in preserving that heritage by their many festivals, foods, architecture and traditions.
Another art that comes to mind that demands physical interaction is architecture.
I'm also glad not to be surrounded by modern architecture, which I find cold and inhuman.
The exotic and eclectic menu complements the architecture.
It will also be considered for inclusion in the architecture issue.
Why go now: Get a taste of retro architecture dressed up for the holidays.
Last season, he got carried away with architecture and asymmetry.
The straightforward brick architecture of the existing building was used as a backdrop for the glass-and-zinc addition.
Today, she is among the fifth generation in her family to work in construction and architecture.
His work could push the incredibly small architecture of nanotechnology into the architecture of everyday life.
New museums with bold architecture have long been an easy way of raising a city's profile.
They have an attractive open architecture with large enclosed gardens.
He was in the business of seasonal construction and landscape architecture.
It would, in my view, for the architecture is genius.
Architecture, too, is feeling the effects of genetics.
In terms of urban architecture, the river plays no role at all.
The country's cities offer historic and contemporary architecture.
Visitors may wish to pray, but may also enjoy the ornate pagoda-style architecture of the structures.
Architecture students find no buyers for green homes bills.
Switches, sockets and thermostats are grafted on as afterthoughts to the architecture, with functions fixed by buried wiring.
For instance the resulting neural architecture could be less flexible in the long run.
Exploring the evolution and architecture of the mind.
The structural specificity of the neural architecture ads tremendously to the total information capacity of the brain.
Aside from a surfeit of hubris and pretense, their implementation problem is that the functional architecture is alien.
There is a sensuous allure in the curving, swelling architecture of dunes.
Sophisticated stone blades arrive first, along with rudimentary stone architecture.
People reveal as much about a destination as its architecture and landscapes.
Driverless trains enhance the sense that the whole thing is less a piece of architecture than one big machine.
Its modernist architecture attracted her, and she decided to cross-process her pictures.
Gill, in a sixty-one-year tenure, establishes a reputation as a theatre and architecture critic and a writer-about-town.
Micronutrients help build and sustain the brain's architecture and fuel its biochemistry.
In this case, probably functional constraint on the genetic architecture.
To meet the challenge of controlling this kind of high-degree-of-freedom robot, a new control architecture is necessary.
Doing it better means that the mission architecture needs to be financially sustainable.
Nevermind that the giant trees were still there, along with the same architecture.
These days, however, these once seemingly eternal and invincible aspects of our planet's architecture are on the defensive.
Designing processors for mobile devices requires more than simply reproducing desktop computer architecture in a smaller device.
But its innovative pulse-free architecture might also raise problems of its own.
Oversees the architecture of the communications chips used in advanced cellular systems now coming to market.
Then go for a twilight tour of the city's colonial architecture.
Decisions about its architecture are made by consensus among engineers and other volunteers.
And if the result is not high architecture, well, so be it.

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