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Architectural drafters draw architectural and structural features of buildings for new construction projects.
After a homily from the nymph on the need of grace, he turns to the palace, which is described with full architectural detail.
All external symmetry, every shade of architectural beauty, appeared to have been sacrificed to the convenience of the interior.
Practical reasons which combine to commend this architectural solution of a problem which so many of us dread-Times.
The desire to avoid solar confrontations with neighbors could have an effect on architectural design.
Read more about the architectural and engineering feat here.
The students will be evaluated on parameters such as architectural, economical and engineering aspects.
As the sun swung around to the west, distinct architectural styles emerged.
It's a melting pot for culture creating so many fine foods, music, architectural delights and entertainers.
We don't have the luxury to choose between environmental conservation and architectural conservation.
Spandrel is an architectural term for the space between an arch and its surrounding structure.
To return to the copyright of the stone wall itself, yes, there can be copyright on architectural designs.
Contrast wild nature and clean, smooth architectural furniture against a crusty stone wall for richness.
Combine organic and architectural elements for streamlined elegance.
The couple wanted to preserve and enhance the architectural style of the house while opening the kitchen to the outdoors.
The oblong ornament in the window is architectural salvage.
Flat roofs are common on adobe houses and those with a modern architectural style.
Or bas-reliefs or architectural fragments or vintage tools hung as wall art.
It's known for it's reddish pink sidewalks and unique architectural designs.
Succulents create wonderful habitat gardens for birds and pollinators and add architectural interest and drama to our environment.
Dozens of architectural and cultural sites will also disappear under the reservoir.
Have students look at pictures of some of the world's natural and architectural wonders.
Below are some of our favorite photos illustrating his unique architectural footprint, submitted by our readers.
Find out what artifacts, artworks, and architectural ruins you might include.
First, it should expose visitors to engineering and architectural triumphs from different times and places.
The historic square is home to a variety of architectural styles, from colonial to modern.
But several architectural fragments, such as a full column cross-section, have survived and are spread throughout the site.
Cultural markers include architectural styles, ethnic food, and music.
Visitors can explore the city's famous buildings on a personal architectural tour.
The buildings also represent a wide variety of architectural styles.
However, the city also has managed to preserve its rich cultural heritage and architectural features.
It's more of an architectural description than a style of hotel per se.
While its beaches form one of the globe's longest coastlines, it is also dotted with numerous monuments and architectural wonders.
The home also features unique architectural details including an underground cave and operating observatory.
They are an astounding lot true feats of engineering, with an architectural presence that draws viewers to them.
The artistic, architectural and folk heritage representative of these cultures is celebrated.
He's a fine large-format interiors and architectural photographer.
There are three basic types of architectural drawings.
But his is not exactly a household name, even among students of architectural history.
Make architecture that embraces people, not architectural sculptures that are too precious to occupy.
The awards are intended to recognize excellence in course development and architectural teaching.
He makes a strong case that borrowing architectural ideas from nature can help to reduce the environmental impact of buildings.
It has a government that is keen to spend huge sums of money to impress the outside world with architectural wonders.
They were less satisfactory on a number of counts, such as temperature control, noisiness and general architectural merit.
Its original architectural structure has lasted surprisingly well.
For centuries it enjoyed high levels of literacy and a degree of architectural sophistication.
It may also help rescue the profession's reputation, by highlighting architectural triumphs as well as disasters.
She majored in art and architectural history and spent her summers interning at art museums.
Luckily, this book is among the stellar works of contemporary architectural publishing.
These printers have been used to make industrial components, architectural models, clothing and even user-designed chocolates.
Here are a couple of leading architectural thinkers discussing the challenges.
The rows of terminals are arrayed in spaces all open to light and architectural flourishes.
As an architectural feature, it also looks striking.
Gone, too, were the photos shot at vertigo-inducing angles and those clearly highlighting other architectural wonders.
The architectural traditionalists who still dominate the field, however, have resisted this change.
The company serves automotive, window, and architectural markets.
Some do better than others, but the underlying architectural problems are essentially unavoidable.
Another creates concept models of products, from toys to architectural designs.
Thin film photovoltaic should become the predominant application for roofs and many other architectural applications.
Two words characterize the architectural scene today: dynamic and disquieting.
The conventions of a dictionary are as formal as those of a sestina, a minuet, or the architectural orders.
Most of us don't attach much importance to the mundane architectural settings of our everyday lives.
Some consider the new high rise buildings undesirable because they do change the pre-existing architectural look of the city.
It's not a fluid language so much as architectural, sculpted.
The results are good enough to take the architectural argument against the project off the table.
Because of an architectural quirk, she discovers she can overhear her neighbor's conversations.

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