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Btw, it puzzles me why this moon contest is run by architects not by scientists and engineers.
Designers, architects, builders already focus on energy savings as it is a major feature in promoting their projects.
It needs publicity because too many homeowners, builders and architects are unaware or have misconceptions about heat pumps.
And these engineers, artists and architects will win because they'll design better products that are useful and sell well.
Its technical precision amazes modern architects and engineers, especially in light of the available resources.
Wright was merely an above average architect compared to his contemporaries back then and architects of today.
And not only professional animators and architects would benefit.
To keep it from pushing the supporting walls out, the architects and builders devised some ingenious solutions.
Not for the palm by the door or the tall cactus, but for the distinguished architects who are hanging out in the upper corners.
Many of these companies selling complex software and services solutions employ solution architects.
For years, architects have gone to great lengths to protect their buildings from marauding.
One of the top architects in the world told me he used to run it in his office once a month.
Maybe that's why architects put so much effort into making them disappear.
He is not known to the public, but he is something of a cult figure among architects.
The euro was an incomplete currency and its architects knew it.
Now the regime hires star architects to give the imprimatur of global capitalism.
Some architects say the building should be demolished.
Twenty groups of architects and sculptors built a city using snow and blocks of ice.
Planners and architects floated radical ideas to rebuild.
Some architects have even called for it to be demolished.
Although a true vertical farm has yet to be built, there is much enthusiasm for the idea among architects.
We asked four architects to describe their designs for the vertical farms of the future.
The privileges of lawyers, civil engineers and architects will be next.
In their place rise vast bombastic structures, architects' and politicians' self-indulgences with no civic context.
Consider a firm of architects or a doctor's practice.
The ten architects were asked to demonstrate how the entire complex of museum wings could be reconfigured into a unified whole.
Gathered around him, a handful of architects watched.
The goal, say the survey's architects, was to weed out all but those at or approaching complete financial security.
They are accountants and fashion designers and website architects.
When hospital boards and executives talk with architects and designers, it's rarely about the imaging department.
The nature of a presidential campaign can create tensions for website designers and architects.
The architects, planners, builders and corporate executives who have put out proposals have done so almost into thin air.
As it would turn out, he also didn't have much interest in working under other name architects.

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