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About 22 out of 37 volcanos in the archipelago are active.
The domestic shipping industry is vital to the economy of the archipelago, but its history is one of lethal mishaps.
Tourism and fishing are being developed on the archipelago.
There is one situated on each of the two larger islands of the archipelago.
About 20 typhoons and storms lash the archipelago annually.
This archipelago consists of ten principal islands, of which five exceed the others in size.
This archipelago of exposed tops of submarine mountains is more than 625 miles (1000 km) long.
Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, with 17000 islands.
The islands of this archipelago contain a host of endemic species.
Before our eyes, what had been an island on the wall turns into an archipelago.
My sabbatical seems an archipelago of friends' couches, brand-name hotels, and sublet apartments.
Shias will further consolidate their power and occupy an archipelago of fiefs, frequently short-changing the public.
Students should understand how the culture of each group influenced its perception of the archipelago's value.
Either way, it's preferably eaten in the archipelago on the deck of a boat or on the patio of someone's summer cabin.
The impact would have been worse if the oil slicks had reached the archipelago's mangrove swamps, now under a state of emergency.
Relentlessly, illegal or uncontrolled logging surges across the archipelago.
We often think of the moon as a place, but in fact it is a hundred million places, an archipelago of solitude.
Archipelago is also a success story, and doesn't seem to have any problem attracting adventurous diners.
But it's said that one island in the archipelago is different.
Access is restricted to protect the archipelago's fragile ecosystem.
Such unique species on so isolated an archipelago led him to wonder if they had adapted over time to their environment.
He struggled to understand why such an unparalleled diversity of finches existed only on a remote archipelago.
On the huge screen, the archipelago's cooled magma cliffs appear close enough to climb.
Since the last ice age, they have been an archipelago of productivity, in particular of cod.
Besides the ceremony, the largest barrier reef in the entire archipelago can be found here.

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