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They were personal and poetic, individual testimonies and archetypal situations from a culture that had long been marginalized.
Not even oil, the archetypal industrial commodity, quite conforms to the super-cycle theory.
The former is concerned with long term archetypal interests of the individual and the species.
Apple, of course, is the archetypal emotional brand.
These archetypal eerie animals are the only mammals that subsist solely on blood.
Avatars tells the story of five archetypal video game characters making a journey of self-discovery.
Yet, as that hints, he is not quite the archetypal crusading press lord.
Vampires sheds light on why this archetypal image has haunted us for so long.
Science fiction and fantasy also make up the archetypal hacker canon.
The second group covers private entrepreneurs, their employees and archetypal small shopkeepers.
Place said the couple sought archetypal symbols that fused past and present experience.
Graham spent six more decades cultivating a portraiture as theatricalized and archetypal as the characters she danced.
The archetypal example is the soldier with an amputated leg whose phantom limb still aches years after being severed.
It aligned the two poles of the bit to these two archetypal dramas.
It is the archetypal scene of industrial horror, an image that haunted the nation.
Instead, however, it's the archetypal case for learning how little genes actually do so.
Its brachiating shape, so archetypal and potent, reflected the balance of evolution and extinction.
Most inquirers stop here, supposing the question resolved when they feel satisfied about archetypal fascination.
When the novel is operating genuinely on this archetypal level, it has a mythic strength.

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